Who is Queen’s Surprise Taylor Hawkins Tribute singer Sam Ryder?

The first of two long-awaited Taylor Hawkins Tribute concerts took place at Wembley Stadium yesterday (September 3), providing friends, family and fans of the late drummer with a very exciting and moving event (to say the least). so to speak). While many illustrious artists participated, singer Sam Ryder – who joined the Foo Fighters, guitarist Brian May, drummer Roger Taylor and Hawkins’ son Rufus Taylor for a superb rendition of “Somebody to Love” from Queen – is probably less familiar.

Born in Essex, England in June 1989, Ryder Became interested into a music career when he saw Sum 41 in concert as a teenager. Along the way, he discovered Iron Maiden (More precisely, The seventh son of a seventh son), Freddie Mercury, Lordi and of course, Eurovision as well.

During the 2010s, he played, toured and/or recorded with a few rock bands (such as The Morning After, Blessed by a broken heart and Close your eyes) while working in construction with his father.

Blessed by a broken heart, “out of control”

However, it wasn’t until Ryder started covering music on TikTok around March 2020 that he really hit the big time. In fact, he became UK’s most followed artist on the platform, which led him to release his first EP – 2021 The sun will rise – on Parlophone Records and become the UK representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 (with “Space Man”).

He finished finish in second place (below the Kalush Orchestra of Ukraine) and continues its meteoric rise. For example, “Space Man” reached No. 2 on the UK Singles Chart last May, which helped him pursue opportunities such as a show at the Queens Platinum Jubilee, an appearance on a British reality series celebrity glasses box and several live summer stays in the United States and South Korea.

More or less, that brings us to last night’s performance of “Somebody to Love.”

Naturally, Grohl introduced Ryder with his usual humility and passion:

We have a very special guest tonight that you might not expect. We did not do it. When we were talking about this next song to perform, we weren’t really sure who we should ask to come and sing it with us, and I think it could have been Roger [Taylor] who came up with this idea. Roger showed us a clip of someone singing this song and we made a call and within 20 minutes that person told us they were coming here tonight to sing it with us. So would you please welcome the most amazing singer. Sam Ryder, come sing with us tonight.

You can see a clip (provided by rock sound) of Grohl’s intro, as well as their version of “Somebody to Love”, below:

What did you think of Ryder’s rendition of “Somebody to Love”?

If you’re as impressed with Ryder’s singing as we are, you’ll want to keep an eye out for his debut album, There’s nothing but space, man!when it arrives in October.

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