Tyler, the creator accuses former collaborators of “selling [His] old songs”

Tyler, the creator is pointing and naming names.

The Grammy Award-winning rapper recently took to Twitter to accuse two of his former collaborators of stealing and selling some of his “old songs”.

“[Brandun] DeShay and Tyler Major selling old songs to me is crazy,” he wrote, “all these discordant kids are suspicious…copying stolen shit is like damnnnn [you] thirsty as hell ok.

The rapper quickly followed up his accusation with another tweet: “like bruh this shit is real stolen personal stuff….damn bro you craving some 2 minute drafts / couple hundred bucks to pull yourself together guys. subliminal a tried to make a call like no bro, just stop, that’s not cool dawggy.

Check out Tyler’s tweets in full below.

Tyler and DeShay have a long, intertwined history. Both rappers were part of the music collective Odd Future, which Tyler founded in 2007. Current members of Odd Future include Earl Sweatshirt and Frank Ocean. DeShay is also listed as a collaborator on Tyler’s 2009 track “Session.” Since the late 2000s, however, the two rappers have feuded. DeShay is no longer a member of Odd Future and Tyler has publicly announced that he no longer wishes to be associated with DeShay.

Tyler and Major have not publicly argued until now.

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