“Those who sent us abusive messages have apologized and praised the show,” said “Grahan” actor Ansumaan Pushkar.


He said that he, along with the other cast and director of ‘Grahan’, were sad to see people react to the trailer and form their opinions without watching the entire show. He says the public should watch first and then decide.

“It was really upsetting to see the reactions of some people before the show came out. Since I’m new to all of this, I was a little scared. We expected audiences to watch the whole thing first. of the show and then move on to We also didn’t want the controversy to overshadow the powerful message we wanted to get across. Many people also said we were doing negative publicity for people to watch the show, however. , this is so wrong. At that time, a lot of people just reacted by listening to what other people were saying. There are a few scenes, I agree, in the show that can bring back the bad memories of people who have. survived the riots but overall the final message is something that will win the hearts of the public, ”Ansumaan said.

The actor also spoke about threats and attack messages he received with the show’s creators on social media. “More than me, other actors including Wamiqa and director Ranjan Chandel have unfortunately received threatening messages. However, the same people apologized to us after the show came out. The series ended in December 2020 and was due out in March 2021.. However. the creators decided not to release it at that time and worked on it just to make sure it didn’t show anything that might hurt people. We are thankful that people love the show. Those who sent us abusive messages then apologized and praised the series. They texted they were wrong and misunderstood a lot of things, ”the actor said.

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