These are the artists our readers would give anything to see them live


Everyone has their own list of concerts they would like to attend. Sometimes he’s a dead musician from a bygone era. Sometimes it’s a current that doesn’t turn that often.

We asked your deaf readers which artists, dead or alive, they would give anything to see in concert and they had really loud cries. Take a look below at the most mentioned picks, featuring some brilliant talent.

And a special mention to reader Tone Deaf who suggested Vincent Van Gogh, to the delight of other readers: “Watching his brushstrokes overlap to create a beautiful blend of colors would be amazing to watch live,” was their comment. keenly observed.

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Queen with Freddie Mercury

As one Tone Deaf reader pointed out, Queen has been extremely helpful with Adam Lambert at the helm. No one, however, compares to Freddie Mercury who was truly in a class of his own. With her wide vocal range and effortless charisma, there are few better singers in the history of music.

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Mercury passed away in 1991 at the age of 45 and, you can tell, he could have been as excellent as ever at future concerts if his health had been maintained.

Amy winehouse

It’s scary to think of what Winehouse could have accomplished if she hadn’t died so young. One of the greatest female singers of her generation wowed audiences in her prime, with a breathtaking and gripping voice. His performance was uniquely his, never copying the pop divas of the time.


Would it have been good to see a live Prince concert? There probably would have been a lot of purple. Lots of genre jumps. Lots of groovy guitar solos. Lots of confidence and panache.

The Minneapolis legend was still touring in the 2010s until his death in 2016. It’s a difficult thing to control an arena audience consistently, but Prince made it easy.

Jim Morrison

The legend of the Doors was one of the only leaders who could compete with Freddie Mercury. With his unpredictability, alluring sexuality, and lyrical passages, Morrison looked electric to witness it live.

Just think of all the infamous gigs the Doors had in the ’60s, the chaotic affairs with Morrison in the midst of it all, leading to chaos.

Chester bennington

No matter whether he faced off against Linkin Park, Dead by Sunrise, or Stone Temple Pilots, Bennington was always an intense presence. There was little better to release the angst and emotion from within in their vocal delivery.

It was certainly as if Linkin Park had a lot more to give with Bennington at its helm before he passed away in 2017. Metal and rock lost one of the most powerful vocalists of the 21st century far too soon.

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