The Worst Movies In Which Hollywood’s Best Actors Were


Two-time Oscar nominee Scarlett Johansson and Marvel star Chris Evans had worked together on more than one occasion before they teamed up for “The Avengers,” but their first joint effort is arguably their worst. . In fact, when it comes to Johansson, this is his worst point. “The Perfect Score” of 2004 is a heist on a group of high school students who decide to break into the New Jersey Educational Testing Service HQ and steal the answers to their upcoming SAT exams. Francesca (Johansson) comes up with the plan, and she’s able to convince hunk Kyle (Evans) and four other teen movie stereotypes (an athlete, a stoner, a working-class kid and the it-girl) to come along. on board.

Directed by Brian Robbins (who would go on to direct three terrible Eddie Murphy’s films before pretty much disappearing from Hollywood), “The Perfect Score” contains references to “The Breakfast Club” and “Dazed and Confused”, but it’s is far from the films he aspires to be like. The premise, while far from groundbreaking, could have made an entertaining teen film in good hands, but the story is painfully predictable and the talents of the young actors are wasted.

“What could and should have been as fun and daring as skipping school turns out to be as boring as a two-hour detention,” the BBC said, describing Johansson as “embarrassingly overqualified for this. kind of high concept, low ambition fare. “

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