The private lender RateSetter becomes “Plenti”

The technology-oriented personal loan and car lender RateSetter has renamed itself “Plenti”.

For five years, RateSetter supported 80,000 households with a range of competitive credit options. Now the new “Plenti” should help many more.

Daniel Foggo, Plenti’s chief executive officer, says the brand change reflects the company’s ambitions for the future rather than the starting point.

Plenti logo

“As we grow, we want our identities to reflect our ambitions, not where we come from. We will always be proud of our history. But we believe now is the right time to take things to the next level with a name that reflects the future of our company as a pioneer in consumer finance, ”he said.

“The name ‘Plenti’ does exactly that. Plenti reflects our ambition and our goal: to develop intelligent financial products that help our customers get the most out of their money and change their future.”

Would you like to see some of the newly renamed ‘Plenti’ products? Look below!

Lots of personal loans

Plenti unsecured personal loan
  • Variable interest rates from 6.49% (7.49% comparative interest rate *)
  • No service, exit or early repayment fees
  • Additional repayments allowed

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Are you looking for a competitive loan with no assets on deposit as collateral? Meet Plenti’s Unsecured Personal Loan. Not only do the floating rates start at a low 6.49% (7.49% comparison rate *), there are also no onerous ongoing service fees to worry about during the life of the loan. While borrowers only have the option of monthly repayment, special repayments are possible with this loan and there are no exit or early repayment fees. Just keep in mind that there is no renewal option associated with this loan and you will need to budget for an upfront application fee of $ 149.

Plenti Unsecured Personal Loan (Fixed)
  • Fixed prices from 6.49% (7.84% comparison rate *)
  • Reduced application fee for 3 years
  • Additional repayments allowed

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If you prefer a fixed unsecured personal loan and want to be rewarded for your good credit, the Plenti unsecured personal loan could be the right choice for you. Fixed rates start at a competitive 6.49% (7.84% benchmark *) for borrowers with excellent creditworthiness. There are no ongoing service fees or exit fees associated with this loan and the borrower can choose between a term of 3 to 5 years. Remember, there is an upfront registration fee of $ 249. However, for customers who opt for a 3-year term, this will be reduced to $ 149. This loan has additional repayments (no repayments) and there is no penalty for paying back your entire loan early.

Plenti car loans

Plenti new car loan
  • Fixed prices from 4.89% (5.44% comparison rate *)
  • Borrow up to $ 100,000
  • Additional repayments allowed

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The new car loan from Plenti is not only equipped with fixed rates from 4.89% (5.44% comparison rate *), but also with minimal fees and flexible repayment options. Customers have a number of choices as they can take out loans between 3 and 7 years and between $ 10,000 and $ 100,000. With this loan, you don’t have to worry about monthly service fees simply because there aren’t any! Additionally, if you want to repay your loan early, you can do so as additional repayments are possible and there is no early repayment penalty. However, it is important to remember that if you miss a regular repayment, there is a $ 30 late payment fee and a hefty application cost of $ 399 upfront. Also note that this credit applies to new car purchases: if you need an option on a used car, check out the product below!

Plenti used car loan
  • Fixed prices from 5.29% (5.84% comparison rate *)
  • Additional repayments allowed
  • Borrow up to $ 100,000

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Do you have a popular set of wheels in mind? The Plenti used car loan could get you the keys sooner! With fixed interest rates from a low 5.29% (comparison rate 5.84% *), minimal fees and flexible repayment options, this loan has a lot to offer. Although borrowers only have the option of monthly repayments, additional repayments are allowed for those looking to repay their loan early. Also, there is no penalty for paying off all of your loan in full. And when it comes to fees, there are no monthly service costs or exit costs to worry about. Just remember that when you apply for the loan, you must allow for an upfront payment of $ 399.

Refinance Plenti car loan
  • Fixed prices from 5.29% (5.84% comparison rate *)
  • No ongoing, exit or early repayment fees
  • Additional repayments allowed

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If you want to switch to a more competitive car loan, Plenti car loan refinance is worth a look. Customers can refinance between $ 10,000 and $ 100,000 between 3 and 7 years. Fixed interest rates start at a low 5.29% (comparison rate 5.84% *), there are no ongoing, exit or early repayment fees and borrowers have flexible repayment options with free additional repayments. However, it is important to note that the interest rates are up to 9.99% (10.56% comparison rate *). So take this into account before you decide to refinance your existing loan. Also, keep in mind the $ 399 registration fee if you choose to switch.

What does the rebranding mean for existing customers?

Your loan, which used to be called “RateSetter”, is now called “Plenti” – what does that mean for you as a borrower?

Well, Foggo reassures existing customers that the good things won’t change when it comes to their credit.

“All the things that are important to your loans and investments remain, such as the fast online experience, fair interest rates and flexible loan terms that meet your needs,” said Foggo.

“We believe our customers trust us when we say that all we do is build a stronger and more resilient platform for growth that allows us to continue to provide better value and service. Building an exciting future is in our DNA, so stay tuned for more. ”

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