The Last Of Us actor Ellie explains what makes Pedro Pascal a great co-star

Exclusive: After wrapping production of The Last of Us on Season 1, actor Bella Ramsey reveals what it was like working on set with Pedro Pascal.

After The last of us wrapped last month, actor Bella Ramsey shares what it was like working on the Season 1 set with Pedro Pascal. HBO The last of us was announced in 2020 with the 10-episode series written by Chernobylby Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann (writer and director of both The last of us Games). Ramsey’s casting as Ellie was first announced in February 2020, and Joel’s reveal was quick to follow, with The MandalorianPascal takes on the beloved role. The last of us The TV series reportedly began filming in April 2021 and only recently wrapped filming in June this year; it is expected to premiere in early 2023.


Just like the game of the same name developed by Naughty Dog, HBO The last of us is about to follow Joel and Ellie on a post-apocalyptic adventure. With Joel’s help, Ellie is smuggled out of the quarantine zone and the pair travel across the United States so Ellie’s immunity can help create a vaccine against the brain fungus Cordyceps, which is creating victims zombies. Although there are very few officials The last of us currently released images, there are several leaked images and videos that depict specific scenes and characters from the game.

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During an interview with Screen RantRamsey has nothing but praise for her The last of us co-star Pascal and gushes about his time on set. It took almost a year to complete the filming of The last of us season 1, giving the cast plenty of time to form close friendships. Ramsey recounts his very positive experience working with Pascal, describing him as funny and generous. Read Ramsey’s full quote below:

It was the longest show I’ve been on. It was 11 months of shooting for me, and the rest of the crew had been there for over a year, I think. I feel like when you’re with a group of people this long, the bonds you form and the friendships are so strong and special. It was really hard to say goodbye to everyone at the end. It was such a good experience.

And working with Pedro was so much fun. He is hilarious. He’s probably one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. He is also incredibly generous. That’s the word that comes to mind when I think of Pedro. He is so generous with his words, his time and his actions. He’s just a super cool person to be around, and he definitely made the set a fun place. We had many good conversations.

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Joining Ramsey and Pascal as a series regular on The last of us is Gabriel Luna, who will play Joel’s younger brother, Tommy. Other supporting stars include Nick Offerman, Graham Greene, Elaine Miles, Rutina Wesley and Anna Torv, with Nico Parker, Murray Bartlett and Storm Reid featured in cameo roles. The HBO series also added a nod to The last of us game by adding Ellie and Joel’s original voice actors (Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker) to the cast as currently undisclosed characters. In other words, the show will have quite an ensemble cast, though Ramsey and Pascal will be key to its potential success.

While there’s certainly no shortage of violence and action in the game, part of what makes The last of us so memorable are the relationships, especially the family bond between Joel and Ellie. Like most adaptations, HBO The last of us It is said to make some changes to allow for a more TV-ready story, as they call back the action to focus more on the drama. This allows the series to emphasize the relationships between the characters, and Ramsey and Pascal’s friendship will only have a positive impact on their performances. The public has high hopes for Joel and Ellie, and based on Ramsey’s new comments, it looks like The last of us will be able to deliver an excellent portrait.

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