The actor talks about the potential future of Red Dagger (exclusive)

Ms. Marvel has landed on Disney+, and audiences seem to be enjoying it far more than early pitches would have suggested. Despite some dramatic changes to the character’s power play and origins, Kamala Khan’s debut project was a hit with critics and fans alike. While the character will continue teaming up with Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel next year WondersIman Vellani’s show featured a different ally in the latest episode.

Warning – the rest of this article contains spoilers for episode 4 of Ms. Marvel.

During the last outing of Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan met Kareem from Aramis Knight, also known as Red Dagger. He is a local vigilante in Karachi and also holds a very prominent role that has persisted for hundreds of years.

What was his journey to get to where he was for this fourth opus? And what could the future hold for the character? Fortunately, The Direct was able to sit down with the actor bringing the vigilante of Karachi to life, where he discussed making Kareem a reality.

Ms. Marvel meets the Red Dagger


In an exclusive interview with Russ Milheim of The Direct, Ms. Marvel Actor Aramis Knight, who plays Kareem on the show, spoke about his character’s debut in Episode 4, the mysterious organization he represents, and what his future in the MCU might look like.

So how long have red daggers been around? Knight noted how they were doing “for hundreds of years,” and always have “Fighting for a Safer Karachi:”

“I think the Red Daggers as a society have been around for hundreds of years. And I think the mantle has been passed down many times. I think after Waleed comes Kareem, I think after Kareem comes someone. another. I don’t think our cause has changed much over the years. I think we’ve always fought for a safer Karachi. Not just with, you know, stopping crime, but [also]the [Clandestine’s] kingdom is something that’s been around forever, that’s for sure. And it’s something we’ve been studying for hundreds of years. So I think it’s a society that’s been around a lot longer than what you see and will be around for hundreds of years even after that. This is a very important cause for which we fight. So I really think there was a lot before us and there will be a lot after.

Although the organization is likely focusing on other threats as well, the actor mentioned how he thinks “The Clandestines are one of their main things… [to] study… [and] want to know: “

“I would say underground is one of their main things that they study that they [and] want to know. And I also think that Kamala coming to the red daggers is kind of perfect timing because she also learns a lot about herself from us, you know, we know a lot more about her powers, more about her heritage, her background than ‘herself. So when she comes to us, we can, I think, really shed some light on some things that seem impossible for her to understand.

He continued, revealing that he believed “Kareem grew like a red dagger,” and that they are “Years and years of training” it goes in the coat socket.

“I think Kareem grew up as a red dagger. I think he became the red dagger. Probably in a few years that you need him. Waleed is definitely his mentor. He is definitely his goal and his best ally. But I think it’s years and years and years of training that he’s a red dagger and Kareem is sort of the leader of the red dagger I think he’s been there for a while time.

Ms. Marvel Red Dagger

In the comics, Kareem at one point travels to Jersey City in order to help police Kamala’s territory while she’s on the go. What are the chances of viewers seeing this play out?

Knight “think[s] that it is possible that Kareem arrives in the United States”, but this “first [they] need green light for season two:”

“I definitely think there’s a possibility of Kareem coming to the States. It’s obviously not my decision…but personally I’d like to be involved with, you know, everyone…and I think that’s It’s definitely a possibility, but we’ll have to wait and see. First we need a green light for Season 2, then yes, then we can start speculating.

As for what he did to prepare for the role, a lot of it was “lots of dialect training,” like him “I wanted to force people to google whether I was American or not:”

“So a lot of dialect training, obviously, because it’s a completely new dialect for me…I was born and raised in California. So not only did I have to learn a new dialect, but I also had to, you know, really put myself in the shoes of someone who was born in Karachi. And I wanted it to feel super authentic. I wanted to make people google whether I was American or no. That’s really what I was looking for. Lucky for me, you know, Karachi [accents are] all very different. There are many types of Karachi accents. So, for me, it was like finding a very realistic one. And Kareem is someone who is, you know, probably highly educated, probably educated and has an English school system. So there is a lot of English influence with the accent. But more than that, just understanding the culture of Karachi, I really think [helped me] put into character.

At the end of the episode, Kareem was able to take part in a massive chase through the streets of Karachi. The actor behind the red scarf revealed that the whole sequence “took [them] one week to film everything, and that the whole process “certainly done [him] feel like an action star:”

“Ah, this whole week has been just amazing. It took us a week to shoot it all. And a lot of it was practical, you know the truck was all practical, the flipping was all practical, some of the crashes. I just felt like a total action star. Gary Powell led our action unit. He’s a legendary action guy. He did Jason Bourne and James Bond. So he knew what he was doing. And he definitely made me feel like an action star that day, that week I might say.

Does Red Dagger have an MCU future?

Ms. Marvel Red Dagger

It’s great to hear how ready Aramis Knight is for a comeback. He seemed pretty confident that there might be a future where his Red Dagger might adopt the comics and end up sending him to New Jersey to protect Kamala Territory while he was gone.

After all, there is the next Wonders movie, where the young hero will probably be in space for a while. Of course, she might want someone to cover her territory. Maybe a potential Ms. Marvel Season 2 could see Kamala return to her home, where Kareem has become quite comfortable being the protector of the town.

There will also inevitably be a Young Avengers team that Kamala Khan will almost certainly be part of. This could easily help keep Red Dagger busy in the United States, although he more than likely wants to return to Karachi eventually.

Outside of where he is, since he and his organization oversee various dimensions and such, it might be natural for them to start interacting with Doctor Strange’s side of the world, especially once the multiverse itself begins to fall apart for the rumored Secret Wars project. After all, if Kareem ends up in New Jersey, it’s only a train ride away from Sanctum Santorum.

Fans will have to wait and see how everything pans out in the final two episodes and then see how that might set up a second season adventure for Kalama Khan.

Ms. Marvel is now streaming on Disney+, with new episodes every Wednesday.

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