The 30 Best Wedding Songs of All Time – Billboard

When two people manage to find each other in this cruel and confusing world and decide to spend the rest of their lives together, it’s truly cause for celebration. That means music and dancing, but you can’t just throw your phone into random mode or hire the first DJ who offers a decent price. A well-curated wedding playlist offers just the right mix of sweet romantic ballads and straight-up bangers. The party should come and go, and you need something for everyone – single women many included.

What follows are 30 time-tested wedding favorites that will have guests swooning, dancing, and splurging on the dance floor. Along with the usual suspects like Prince, The Isley Brothers, Kool & The Gang and Earth, Wind & Fire, the list includes songs from mopey indie rockers, nervous CBGB alumni, wacky new wave icons of the South, gender-blurring rappers, cross country-pop goddesses and the king of rock n’ roll. The Black Eyed Peas also make an appearance. And just for good measure, there’s a Bob Dylan cover and an air of a hit vampire movie.

The songs selected span the 50s to the present day, so no one will feel left out. While these 30 picks are a decent start, they’re probably not enough to carry you from the aisle to the afterparty. Think of these songs as idea starters – inspiration for the kind of killer wedding mix that will have your friends and family remembering your nuptials for years to come.

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