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The toughest and toughest cowboy in Hollywood, John wayne will be forever remembered for his roles as a gunslinger. He launched his career in the silent era of the 1920s and eventually starred in over 170 films and television productions over the next 50 years. But for many, Wayne was more than a movie star, he was an American icon celebrating our country’s “pioneer history”. Long after his death in 1979, the American Film Institute named Wayne one of the greatest male stars in classic American cinema, and the actor was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor of United States, for his lifetime contribution to cinema. .

Today, Wayne is survived by his seven children from three marriages, as well as his many grandchildren. Among those grandchildren is the Nashville guitarist and singer Jennifer wayne, which is now taking the world of country music by storm! Read on to see the blonde bombshell now, and to find out how her grandfather’s memory shaped his own career in pivotal moments.

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Jennifer Wayne seems very comfortable on stage at country music shows, but says she found her passion for performing later in life. ” I have loved the music since I was little, but I grew up playing tennis “, she said Risen Magazine. “With my dad, music wasn’t really an option; it was tennis, tennis, tennis.” At eighteen, she picked up her first guitar and began to learn the instrument. Soon after, she joined her then boyfriend’s family group. “One day [my boyfriend’s] dad said, ‘Jen, you should sing!’ “she recalls.” I was so nervous, but I did! Then we just started walking around and singing at little gigs. I played the guitar and wrote the songs, and we recorded the songs on this recorder that they had. It was my first type of group. “

Today she is a third of the country trio Runaway June, which has had several hit songs including “Buy My Own Drinks”, “We Were Rich”, “Wild West” and “Lipstick”. The group toured with Carrie Underwood in 2019 before releasing their first full album later that year.

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Jennifer Wayne in Silver and Black Dress on Red Carpet
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In addition to his eventful music career, Wayne also made his big breakthrough on the big screen. “I have a girlfriend who produces movies, and she called me one day and asked me if I wanted to be in a movie,” Wayne explained to resurrected. “I said, ‘Yeah, that would be great! “I thought it was going to be this cheesy little movie and that it would be just for fun.” When she arrived she realized it was a full-scale production “with trailers and crewmembers and all that gear and stuff. ”His response?“ Well, shoot, I just have to pretend until I do. ”

The singer says she brought up one of her grandfather’s favorite movie quotes to walk through the intimidating set: “Courage is dying of fear, but falling asleep anyway,” s’ she says, remembering one of her grandfather’s famous on-screen lines. Ultimately, Wayne says the experience gave him “the acting bug” and made him want to pursue future film opportunities.

You may also remember Wayne from one of his two CBS appearances. Fantastic race, on which she competed alongside her bandmate at the time Caroline cutbirth. After crossing 22 cities in nine countries, Wayne and Cutbirth came in second as the winning team jumped out of a plane moments before them to take the top prize. “We were four seconds away from being millionaires!” Wayne told the site Reality TV world of their spectacular second place.

Jennifer Wayne in cowboy hat with guitar
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In January of this year, Wayne married his sweetheart Austin moody after a two week engagement. According to People, the wedding had a soft and nostalgic touch that honored his late grandfather: it was on the theme of cowboys. The bride wore a white crepe chiffon dress and cowboy boots, and the groom and guests wore Western-style hats. As his “borrowed something,” Wayne also donned his grandmother’s engagement ring, which was given to him by the late movie star.

Wayne got married in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, in front of just 20 of the couple’s closest friends and family. They hope to have a larger rally in Nashville once they can do so safely without pandemic restrictions, People reports.

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Jennifer Wayne on the red carpet
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Although John Wayne died three years before his granddaughter was born and the two never met, young Wayne grew up knowing all about his heritage and watching his movies on TV. She admits that because she had nothing to compare, she thought it was normal for all children.

“When I was little, I always asked other children, ‘What channel is your grandfather on? “because mine was still on AMC and I could just turn it on [and see him]!” she said resurrected. “So I always asked which channel their grandfathers were on because I didn’t know it was different.”

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