Queen’s Brian May recalls funniest Guns N ‘Roses slash story he ever had


Queen guitarist Brian may just mentioned his friendship with Guns N ‘Roses group members, including Axl rose and Slash, and revealed one of the funniest stories he has ever experienced with the guitarist Slash.

Brian may and Guns N ‘Roses members – Slash, Duff McKagan, and Axl rose – have been friends for years. In 1993, Slash joined Brian may as a guest to play Queenthe classic song of Tie your Mother during the musician Tonight’s show performance.

In a new interview with Ultimate classic rock, Brian may spoke about his golden friendship with Guns N ‘Roses. May looked happy because there was mutual respect between him and Guns N ‘Roses Members.

“I don’t know when I first met Slash, but I’m happy to say that we have an ongoing friendship,” May noted. “I guess I was around him especially when I did this support tour for Guns N ‘Roses all over the world.

“It was great for me because I was playing with people I respect and they respect me too.”

Brian says Axl has always been great to him

Brian may continued his words by saying that Axl rose has always been great with him personally. He also added that he is preparing to live scenes with him and asks him a few questions before the show.

“Axl was known to be picky and whatever you know he was always great to me”, Brian continued. “He always had time to talk to me. I was going to Axl’s dressing room before they left.

“Because Axl would normally have something he wanted to tell me or ask me, which was part of his preparation to go on stage.”

Brian reveals funny story and mentions Slash’s passion for cigarettes

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After Axis, May again mentioned Slash and his relationship with him. He remembered a funny moment they never experienced and remembered Slashthe passion for cigarettes. Also, according to Brian, Slash is a very cool and relaxed guy.

“Slash was just always very relaxed, very cool” May added. “This has always been the way I saw Slash. He’s a true gentleman and a fantastic musician, of course.

“It was great playing with us when we were on The Tonight Show. There’s a funny story there because Slash normally had a cigarette in his mouth.

“During the rehearsal, these people came, very seriously, and said, ‘I’m afraid you can’t do that, Mr. Slash. It is not allowed by the regulations.

“He said, ‘Uh, okay.’ He turned it off. When the time comes when the cameras are rolling and we’re live, really, really live on Jay Leno’s show, it’s not recorded, he comes in with a cigarette in his mouth. I just looked at it and said, ‘Yeah, it’s Slash.’

“You can’t really take that away from him. Not that I want him to smoke. I hate smoking because it killed my dad. But Slash is an independent mind. And my boy, did he play well.

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