Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 6 Review: Soothing Electric Vibe

There were a lot of parties on Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 6, but the one party worth attending was Sandy and Prosper.

Listening to Parthena, Violet, and Sandy talk about living life and enjoying freedom and love in their later years was the entertainment we didn’t know we needed.

Parthena admitting she had been naked in public was a story that should have been shared. And Sandy and Violet had no shame in admitting to an active and enjoyable sex life.

And Violet was quick to assure Billie that finding love later in life could have much better results through experience.

I never would have liked a man like Hollywood when I was young and stupid.


Even though Hollywood didn’t look thrilled that the ladies hosted Prosper’s bachelor party, they certainly added some fun to the evening. The boys needed a little dancing to liven things up, and Sandy and Violet were getting their groove on before they even walked through the door.

But the party seemed to widen the gap between Nova and Dominic.

Nova Misses Dominic - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 6

Her trip to Sudan has only been extended for a week, but Nova seems to be done with this long-distance romance. I don’t know if Dominic’s absence makes Nova’s heart grow fonder or just more frustrated.

Nova loves Dominic, but I’d be surprised if she loves him enough to continue this romance for very long if he doesn’t come home soon.

Elsewhere, Nova’s presentation on the history of school music was creative and informative. Unfortunately, with some sections of society, any story told from a black perspective is labeled as critical race theory and immediately banned.

And Nova’s choice to use “enslaved people” instead of “slaves” was illuminating. I had never thought of it in those terms before, but she was right. Calling someone a slave dehumanizes them into something abstract. Calling them slaves reminds us that they were real human beings held captive.

I prefer to call our ancestors slaves rather than slaves. The word slaves continues to strip them of their humanity. They were people, not property. Not animals.


Sharing a Memory - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 5

In Los Angeles, Micah was having way too much fun partying by the pool. Micah had drinks with Zane and Kai, knowing that his fame and success had been bought by rehashing the worst days of his parents’ lives.

I never thought so little of Micah.

Keke had warned Micah that Zane was slippery, and she was spot on. He knows exactly what to say to ease Micah’s guilt and dangle the carrot of more money and fame before him.

And if Micah thinks Zane or Kai are interested in art, he’s fooling himself. At least Zane is talking about a good game, like in this quote from Queen Sugar…

Art is meant to start a conversation. You can’t please everyone, and if you do, you’re probably not saying much.


Keke's Grown Up - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 3

Kai immediately asked if Micah had anything from the time Charley “paid for that prop.” At least Micah had the decency to back down from Kai’s blatant desire for a rude and salacious NFT. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the courage to get up and leave.

In fact, Micah caught the eye and got into the big shot by offering to buy the whole party a round of drinks on him.

Honestly, I had hoped that Davis would show up and pull his son’s ass out of there, but it would have caused a media frenzy.

Instead, Lorna came in looking fierce. Guess we know where Charley gets it.

Lorna: Now why don’t you return your parents’ calls?
Micah: I didn’t mean to bother them.
Lorna: You didn’t want to face them.

Lorna comforts her grandson - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 6

Micah apologized to his grandmother as if he were 14 years old. It was pathetic. If he had to sell his parents for a payday, the least he could do was own it.

But Micah tried to justify himself by saying he was “recovering our pain” instead of flirting with it for a quick six figures and then hiding like a coward from the people he hurt.

It’s sad that what Micah thinks he’s going through is a rough patch. He is confused about his career path and his future. He feels sorry for himself and is entitled.

But if you want to know what violence is, he should talk to Dante and Joaquin, who have lost their parents (we hope temporarily) and, if not for Hollywood and Vi, would likely be separated and placed in foster care.

Micah's NFT - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 2

By comparison, Micah looks like a whiny kid.

But Lorna loves her grandson very much, even though he hasn’t visited her in nearly three years despite being able to afford it.

Lorna did her best to reach Micah.

You are not the first person to go through a difficult time. But there is a difference between passion and purpose and posturing and pretense. You are too good to be the latter. And when I saw what you did with that horrible, hurtful NFT and with those people tonight, it wasn’t you. It’s not your mind. It doesn’t come from your heart.


What bothers me is that Micah’s conversation with Charley and Davis should be something we see and hear, but given the circumstances, we probably won’t.

Darla is devastated - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 5

Finally, we come to Darla.

Is it me or is Chase an idiot? Couldn’t sending unsolicited non-disclosure forms to Darla be sent to the press and likely confirm the story she might be telling rather than prevent her from telling it?

Darla’s meltdown almost caused her to relapse, and I was so proud of her for going to a meeting instead. She has to go there regularly.

But Darla needs someone she can confide in. Someone who will not judge but who can give sound advice.

We’ve worked very hard to get to where we are, and where we are is fragile at best. It’s been so hard already. I can’t risk one more thing.


Dancing Under the Stars - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 6

She’s right. Ralph Angel is not that person. He will love her, but his temper will get the better of him and his lack of judgment could lead to disaster.

It was disheartening to hear that Darla thought her marriage was “shaky at best,” but she’s not wrong. Ralph Angel hid things from her, lied to her, nearly went back to jail and lost the farm.

And just weeks ago, Ralph Angel complained to his ex that Darla didn’t understand the importance of continuing her family’s legacy, despite her work to do so.

It’s no wonder then that she feels her relationship isn’t quite solid.

I wish Charley was there to help because I’m sure she knows how to get Chase back under the rock he crawled out of.

Facing Her Past - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 4

Since that’s not an option, Violet seems like the next best choice. I hope Darla confides in her soon because it’s clear she’s barely holding on to her sobriety.

So what do you think, Queen Sugar fans?

Will Micah be able to redeem himself or will he continue on this dark road to fame and fortune?

Should Darla confide in Violet or Ralph Angel?

And now that Nova has finally mentioned Calvin, do you think he’ll be back in her life anytime soon?

Ready for Their Parties - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 6

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