Queen celebrates 50 years of music with London pop-up store



London, Sep 27 (EFE) .- British rock band Queen celebrates 50 years of music with a pop-up store in London open to the public from Tuesday.

Located in the heart of Soho on Carnaby Street, “Queen: The Greatest” offers fans a physical space following the musical journey of the band formed by Brian May, Roger Taylor, John Deacon and the late Freddie Mercury.

The two-story store has five different departments to represent each decade of the rock band.

“We wanted to make sure we were respecting every decade and every era,” Keith Taperell, store sales manager, told Efe.

The origins of the group are recalled with wallpaper from the 70s as well as references to the Mercury and Taylor thrift store owned by London.

Live performances mark the 1980s, recordings the 1990s and DVDs the 2000s.

“They’re really, really involved, so Bryan and Roger at every level: design, product approval, review of store design and layout, they’re involved in every process, and I think it’s really important, ”said Bravado International Group Managing Director David Boyne.

In addition to the clothes, key chains, themed games and guitars sold at the store, visitors will have the opportunity to see the exclusive prototype of the only pinball machine dedicated to Queen.

Band members will also select a vinyl single that goes on sale every Friday.

“Queen: The Greatest” will be open until January 2022 and is preparing a different theme for each month.


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