Peril! fans slam host Mayim Bialik for ‘lack of knowledge’ about famous rock band amid Ryan Long’s 9th win

PERIL! fans talked about champion Ryan Long’s 9th win on Wednesday.

But not before a bizarre joking mistake from host Mayim Bialik about an iconic band that many have called “lack of knowledge”.


Dozens of perils! fans felt that Mayim Bialik showed an “occasional lack of knowledge” during the May 25 episodeCredit: ABC
Carpool driver Ryan Long won his ninth straight game, but not before telling him that a 1992 movie


Carpool driver Ryan Long won his ninth straight match, but not before telling him a 1992 movie ‘made the band Queen popular’Credit: ABC

Mayim, 46, hosts Jeopardy! for a third consecutive week, returning after Ken Jennings’ previous three weeks at the helm and the announcement that he would be out for “months”.

The permanent hosting slot, however, is still on the board and will be decided by the end of Season 38 in July 2022.

Tonight, returning champion Ryan, a rideshare driver from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, battled his way to his ninth straight victory with a total of $173,000.

But not before a Q&A speed bump from host Mayim that fans rolled their eyes at.

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Ryan shared that he was a fan of the band Queen, fronted by Freddy Mercury.

But Mayim organized the conversation with him in a way that fans felt was off the pitch.

“Speaking of music, you’re a huge Queen fan…”

She candidly exclaimed, “Even before Wayne’s World made it popular!”

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Ryan replied, “Uh yeah my brother…gave me a tape when I was younger and I was the only one who knew all the parts of Bohemian Rhapsody,” he added with a nervous laugh, “When the movie came out.”

“So you were cool before it was cool!” Mayim concluded the segment.


Queen had released their greatest albums in the 70s and had given their famous Live Aid concert in 1985.

Although Ryan was proud to know the words before the famous film, fans online couldn’t understand why Mayim thought the 1992 comedy “made Queen popular”.

One Twitter user ripped, “Blossom [actress] Jeopardy just said the band Queen wasn’t popular before Wayne’s World. Can we please start a group to get her out of this show?”

“Wayne’s World made Queen popular? WOW that’s a catch,” wrote another.

“I’m 33, so I don’t know everything, but did Wayne’s World really make Queen popular? Were they struggling artists before that?” asked another.

“Ummmm, Queen was popular long before Wayne’s World,” wrote a fourth.


Either way, Ryan – now Philadelphia’s highest-earning regular gameplay champion – made big TV with his big personality, big bets, and question-and-answer questions.

Last night he shared that he grew up watching the legendary show with his mum, who thought ‘Alex Trebek was so handsome’.

And last week, he shared that he worked on an “Amish farm” in high school, then noted, “People are going to think I’m weird with all this stuff.”

The broad-shouldered punter also sweetly shared that he once raised “four baby kittens” and “bottle-fed” them before his mother adopted them.

And during his first Q&A, the contestant gave an Arnold Schwarzenegger impression, to cheers from a fan, “Ryan’s stories make me

Ryan is also a daring best; he bet a whopping $8000 on multiple Daily Doubles games as a fan on Twitter praised his gameplay, “8k Daily Doubles again. Nice bet Ryan.”

Another wrote of his strategic $0 on Final Jeopardy last night: “Was smart to bet zero!” because he didn’t understand the clue but moved on anyway.

The rising star also kept it real on his Twitter, sharing that he forgot his glasses in Philadelphia last week.

“In case anyone is wondering why I’m constantly squinting and adjusting during play…it’s because my goggles are 3,000 miles away, where they’ll do the most good,” he said. declared. post.

Luckily, the specs appear to have been airmailed to Culver City – while it got a bit muddled as some fans noticed, its quiet consistency didn’t.

Ryan also kindly shared in a bonus clip that his pearl necklace was made by his 8-year-old son – Mayim visibly tore up the moment of empathy for everyone involved.


That said, as TV News Check reported, ratings fell 10% to a seven-week low of 5.2 the week Mayim returned for Ken.

While many fans found her to be a perfectly palatable presence, she’s had some “painful” games since, especially during Q&As where the contestants share a story.

Mayim, who is a neuroscientist, answered a candidate’s serious Q&A on autism testing with a joke: ‘Glad to hear that spitting into a tube worked better than drawing blood,’ said without host.

And in another match, a player said he was in a ‘posh sports league’ and Mayim snapped: ‘It’s so exciting’ and moved on.

Mayim had another joke that stalled before Ken returned for his recent 23-game streak with Canadian champion Mattea Roach and the ratings that went north in turn – she told a doctor he didn’t. was “just an anesthesiologist, not a surgeon”.

“Condescension has repeatedly shown to be part of the Mayim brand,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another concluded on Twitter last night, “I love Mayim but @KenJennings brings a Trebek vibe to #Jeopardy that’s heartwarming and genuinely entertaining. Mayim feels inauthentic. Bring Ken back.”

Even Mattea, the newest streak holder – now the show’s fifth-longest consecutive winner – said after her run that she wanted Ken to take over.

“As a contestant, there’s something really special about being on stage with the greatest player of all time,” the recent streak holder told Vulture of her former colleague who generally seems more attuned. current – ​​despite Mayim’s confidence and good intentions.

Ken and the Big Bang Theory star began replacing the legendary host in 2021 after a fleet of celebrity hosts during season 37.

Under Ken, the show’s ratings nearly doubled to 9.7 million viewers when he made his first appearance and hosted contestant Amy Schneider’s two-month winning streak.

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When Mayim took over they fell to 5.9 and dropped even lower when she returned three weeks ago.

Meanwhile, Ryan Long will look for his 10th victory tomorrow night as the road to a potentially record streak continues.

Peril!  fans are trying to give Mayim Bialik a chance, but she had another weird Q&A moment tonight


Peril! fans are trying to give Mayim Bialik a chance, but she had another weird Q&A moment tonightCredit: ABC
She told 9 Day Champion Ryan Long that the 1992 film Wayne's World


She told 9 Day Champion Ryan Long that the 1992 film Wayne’s World “made Queen popular!”Credit: Getty – Contributor
Many fans simply miss Ken Jennings amid his hosting hiatus, although the full-time position hasn't been sealed.


Many fans simply miss Ken Jennings amid his hosting hiatus, although the full-time position hasn’t been sealed.Credit: YouTube/Jeopardy

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