Olivia Rodrigo goes shopping in New York with Conan Gray


Olivia Rodrigo is the new teenage queen on the scene.

The 18-year-old “good 4 u” singer was released in New York on Friday. Rodrigo was joined by longtime friend and singer colleague Conan Gray, 22. The couple had lunch at Café Cluny in the West Village during a day of shopping at thrift stores.

Rodrigo made the streets of lower Manhattan his own personal parade with a “Mimi Wade” tee, a pleated miniskirt and shiny red platform boots. Gray sometimes held his boyfriend’s heart-shaped handbag like a true gentleman.

TikTok user @elianazee took a video of Rodrigo and Gray browsing clothes at the popular second-hand store L Train Vintage. Funny Pretty Nice vintage employees shared photos with the two singers too.

The New York outing was the first time Rodrigo had been seen since his visit to the White House. During her visit, she met with President Biden, Vice President Harris and even Dr Fauci to discuss the importance of getting young Americans vaccinated against COVID-19. Rodrigo has also partnered with Instagram to help spread awareness of the vaccines.

Before visiting the White House, the singer behind the American No.1 album confirmed a new relationship with music producer Adam Faze.

The photos showed Rodrigo and Faze sharing an intimate moment while leaning against a car. The couple were seen kissing, laughing, touching their faces and holding hands. At one point, Rodrigo slipped his hand under Faze’s shirt.

Page Six has exclusively confirmed that the two were dating just a week before the photos were taken. The new couple have known each other and been friends for years before their romance.

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