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6D. The Autobiography of MEL Brooks, “All on me!, ”Was recently published by Penguin Random House. I downloaded it as soon as it was available and love every paragraph of it. You can certainly hear Mr. Brooks’ voice in his writing.

34D./62D. Game time ! What type of hummingbird has taken up residence in CUBA? The answer is Hummingbird BEE, which is the smallest bird in the world, measuring just two and a quarter inches and weighing less than two grams.

Mr. Liebeskind adds the suffix “-ING” to the titles of five well-known films to create new sentences which are identified using puns. It’s a tight set and makes a good first puzzle on Thursday for a new solver.

Let’s look at the central entrance at 39A. for example. The clue is “Film adaptation with … a triceratops trying to find a place for his car?” (1993). ” The answer is JURASSIC PARKING, a play on the 1993 film “Jurassic Park”.

Likewise, the entry GREEN BOOKING, entitled “Cinematographic adaptation with… a room in an environmentally friendly hotel? (2018) “, is a play on the 2018 film “Green Book,” which starred Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen.

Glad to make my New York Times debut! I am a computer engineering student at Columbia University although I am originally from Los Angeles.

The idea for this one came from potential entry JAMES BOND, who let me try to get a feel for the potential film adaptation: “LeBron forming friendships on a new basketball team?” While it wasn’t part of the final set, I enjoyed the process of playing around with movie titles and finding clues as it builds. In the end, I did my best to include films that made themed entries alive and appealed to the solvers.

Many thanks to Jeff Chen, who walked through a sea of ​​crossword ideas as I got started. For all puzzle makers from under-represented groups, the Crossword Collaboration Directory is also a great resource for mentoring and collaboration.

I will donate all profits from today’s puzzle to Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund.

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