Night Shop finds a new home on “For A While”, starring Jess Williamson


Coming home means something different at certain times in your life. For Justin Sullivan, it’s a continuously mixed bag of emotions on “For A While”.

“’For A While’ is a reflection on a house and what a homecoming could mean at this point in my life,” Sullivan said of the track, taken from his upcoming second album. Forever NOTthe night (Dangerbird Records), released February 22. “Maybe coming home isn’t going back to that little railroad apartment on a Brooklyn street that no longer exists. Maybe the house remembers this love and brings it with me exactly where I am now. What if coming home meant being accepted?

Working under the nickname Night Shop, Sullivan, who played drums for Kevin Morby, explores more life investigations on Night forever. “I think I’m just getting closer to the gist of what I mean and how I mean it,” Sullivan shares. “It feels like something is clearing up.”

Co-produced by Sullivan and Jarvis Taveniere of Woods and Purple Mountains, Always tonight also includes Anna St. Louis, Jess Williamson, Hand Habits singer Meg Duffy and country artist Jess Williamson who contributes to “For A While”.

Following his EP 2020 Fountain, and the exit of Night forever title song– Sullivan’s ode to the “rhythm and lessons” of city life and music – “For A While” takes reflexive turns around letting go and restarting, moving delicately around the lyrics For a while I felt like I belonged / In each other’s arms / Forever / After the fall I would have stayed / But we are already eating our time on stage with Williamson softening the chorus Even knowing everything I know / I would still choose to love you / Even in a room full of smoke / For a while it was my home.

“I hope people will feel what I felt, the beauty and the pain of love and the hope to do it again,” Sullivan says of the track, with the accompanying video, shot in his apartment. from Los Angeles, with Jeff Davenport and Cooper Kenward. “The song is about coming home and starting over a lot,” Sullivan adds, “so we really wanted to focus on the domestic calm of my daily routine.”

Longtime friends of Duffy, with whom Sullivan also played in Morby’s band, each guest artist punctuates a particular song on Night forever. “I was just happy to have the chance to meet them again and be aware of their incredible talents for that,” Sullivan said. “I had the songs pretty fully formed by the time we all started rehearsing, but Meg, Tiffanie Lanmon, Evan Weiss and Jarvis Taveniere, who were the band on the record, all brought elements of their signature styles to. make it what it is. “

For Sullivan, who has also performed with The Babies and Flat Worms, Night Shop is another layer of his musical task. “Since my teenage years, I’ve always played in bands, playing drums in punk bands,” says Sullivan. “I think over the years and I’ve found a way to keep doing it, it’s slowly gotten easier to do – that’s all I want to do. So how can I make a living where this is what I do?

Sullivan adds, “It’s still a daily work in progress. What this means to me is that I’m incredibly grateful to be able to be a part of this musical continuum that has meant so much to me and I’m happy that I found a way to continue to be part of it.

Photo: Kimberly Corday

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