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The fun musical “Mamma Mia!” focuses on a secret: which of the three men is the father of the bride. But it’s the relationship between three women – longtime friends Donna, Rosie, and Tanya – that drives the story.

Donna, the independent dreamer, organizes her daughter’s wedding in the hotel on the Greek island that she owns. Down-to-earth feminist Rosie and sophisticated married Tanya reunite with Donna to help with the event. Quickly, Donna needs all the help she can get when her three former lovers, including Sophie’s father, also arrive.

One thing that is appealing about “Mamma Mia!” Does it offer three strong roles for older women, and that’s unusual, noted Kristina Mitchell, the 41-year-old actress who plays Tanya in the upcoming Zephyr Theater outdoor production. “Here is a story that is not all ingenuous,” she said.

Tanya, the high-heeled woman of the world, exudes her still ample powers of seduction when she attracts and then rejects the attention of a young man during her interpretation of “Does Your Mother Know”.

Donna is both “strong and fragile,” said Jen Burleigh-Bentz, who will bring this key figure to life. “She was in love and was burnt with love. Donna’s friends and her chosen family are her mainstay – they support and invigorate her.

Lynnea Monique Doublette plays Rosie Stable, the tomboy antithesis of a drama queen. For this actress, the lasting relationship of the three women is powerful. “Mum Mia! Offers a “window into the lifespan of womanhood and friendships,” she said.

Poignantly, Tanya and Rosie come to the rescue of a discouraged Donna during “Chiquitita”, with her signature words: “I am a shoulder to cry on, your best friend, I am the one to rely on. “, Doublette mentioned.

The trio later shine when they take over their girl group, Donna and the Dynamos, and sing “Super Trouper” at Sophie’s bachelorette party. The energetic and unrestrained performance is revealing for young Sophie, who takes a new look at her mother and another glimpse into female friendship.

None of the three actresses – all professional from Minneapolis – had performed together before rehearsals began in June for “Mamma Mia!” But in a short time, a bond developed on and off stage. “We hit it off from day one,” Mitchell said. “We are already texting and joking each other. “

There should be a lot of text and discussion as these friendships grow and life stories are told.

Burleigh-Bentz may be a familiar face to Zephyr customers. She has participated in numerous Zephyr galas and fundraisers. And “Mum Mia!” is familiar to her – she played Tanya, Donna and Rosie on Broadway; Donna at the Duluth Playhouse; and joined both Ordway and Chanhassen Dinner Theater as a triple cover.

Regionally, she has also performed at the Guthrie, The Artistry, The Illusion Theater, The Old Log Theater and The History Theater, and she has worked with the Nautilus Music Theater on several of their new readings. Burleigh-Bentz is co-owner of Brickhouse Music, a music store for bands and orchestras in River Falls, Wisconsin.

Mitchell was an apprentice performer at the Minneapolis Children’s Theater Company before leaving the Twin Cities to study Shakespeare in Oxford through the British American Drama Academy and attend the graduate school of the London Academy of Performing Arts. It has performed intermittently in London’s West End.

For 11 years, Mitchell worked in film and television in Los Angeles and sang jazz at the Cicada Club in LA. She recently returned to Minneapolis.

Doublette has appeared in productions with Old Globe Theater in Balboa Park in San Diego, and regionally at the Children’s Theater Company, History Theater, Theater Latté Da, Guthrie Theater, Stages Theater, Illusion Theater and Theater in the Round. His film credits include “Turnseed”, “Autistic License” and “His Neighbor Phil”.

Doublette received a Master of Science in Health Communications from St. Thomas University in St. Paul.

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Metro Brass Quintet will perform at 7 p.m. on July 16 outside the Zephyr Theater, 601 Main St. N., Stillwater. A donation of $ 10 is suggested. Cash bar open.

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Shaun Johnson Big Band Experience will perform at 7 p.m. on July 31 outside the Zephyr Theater, 601 Main St. N., Stillwater. Tickets are $ 25 at Stillwaterzephyrheatre.org or at the door. Cash bar open.

What: “Mum Mia!” will be played July 22-25 at 7 p.m. at North Lowell Park in downtown Stillwater.

Cost: General admission tickets are $ 30 for adults and $ 22 for children and students with valid ID. Some tickets for reserved seats cost $ 40 for adults and $ 30 for children and students with valid ID. VIP seats reserved in the first two rows are $ 75 and include a drink and a pre-show gathering in The Zephyr Hospitality Tent.

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