Megan Thee Stallion receives letter of support from Southern Black Girls and Women’s Consortium

Megan Thee Stallion receives support from a group of powerful black women in media, education and philanthropy.

Thursday (November 10), the Consortium of Southern Black Girls and Women (SBGWC), an activist organization that aims to “support and empower black girls and women in the South,” released a letter in response to the scrutiny Stallion has faced after alleging she was shot by rapper Tory Lanez. In July 2020, Stallion posted a video where she said that while at a party she was shot twice by Lanez, injuring her feet. In October 2020, Lanez was charged with the shooting and Stallion was granted a protective order against him which required him to stay 100 yards away from her. Lanez pleaded not guilty and the case is still ongoing.

In the letter, the Consortium commends Stallion for her accomplishments and hard work in reaching her level of achievement while dealing with the alleged incident, saying she “has suffered a violation of the highest order.” The letter also acknowledges the public harassment and teasing” she has been subjected to by people who believe she is lying.

The letter was released less than a week after Drake and 21 Savage’s album, His loss, has been freed. One of the songs on the album, “Circo Loco,” apparently addresses the issue in the lyrics, “this female dog is lying about to get vaccinated, but she’s still a stud. The rapper at the top of the charts replied to the song in a since-deleted tweet Nov. 4 that read “Stop using my shot for weight…Since when is it cool to joke about women getting shot.”

“You don’t deserve any of this, Megan. You deserve to be heard, to be believed, and most importantly, to be safe,” the letter reads. “There is no amount of power or prestige that can prevent a woman from being abused and there is no level of achievement that exempts women from our society’s complacency in the face of that violence.”

The Consortium also reports that one in three women worldwide experience domestic and/or sexual violence, a statistic that is higher for black women in the United States. “, and while you may not have been able to hear us sooner, please know that we are with you now and every step of the way as you continue to heal from this tragedy,” the letter continued. “We are committed to making the world safer for you and all women, and one of the important steps we must take to achieve this is to ensure that women who have been victims of violence can speak out about their experiences. without being assaulted or fired.”

Stallion partnered with the organization on their first Joy is Our Journey tour in 2022 to empower black girls and women in the south. SBGWC Founder LaTosha Brown, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and Me Too Founder Tarana Burke are among those who signed the letter. “You are not alone. You are believed, loved and supported. We are with you Megan,” the letter concludes.

Photo by Matthew Baker/Getty Images

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