Meet Dionne Warwick: 2022 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominee and Twitter Queen

Dionne Warwick. Photo courtesy of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Five-time Grammy winner and “Twitter Queen” Dionne Warwick chatted with Digital Journal’s Markos Papadatos about her latest projects. She is nominated in 2022 for the coveted Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

2022 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nomination

This year, Warwick earned his second consecutive career Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nomination, along with 17 other musical acts. “I guess they figured out what they did wrong the first time, so here I am again, again,” she said.

“Music has become so diverse these days that it’s become very interesting. When I first heard about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame many years ago, it was exactly for that: rock and roll artists. I was really surprised, happy and happy that Dolly Parton was considered, it’s wonderful that they opened it up and looked into what their terms of reference were.

Residence in Las Vegas

Warwick is doing a Las Vegas residency at the Stirling Club, starting March 24 for one year. For more information on Warwick’s upcoming Las Vegas residency, visit the venue’s official website. “This residence is the same as before,” she said with a soft laugh. “People can expect Dionne.”

Metaverse Concert Series

Warwick becomes the first iconic female star to launch a Metaverse concert series. She contacted Snoop Dogg as another legendary artist to join his “Dionne Warwick: Legends Metaverse Concert Experience”. “The Metaverse concert series is something we’re planning right now,” said Damon Elliott, Warwick’s son.

“We are talking to several different companies to host mom and create her metaverse and theater. She is in talks with Snoop Dogg joining her in her gig and other legendary friends such as Patti, Lionel and Gladys.”

To learn more about this Metaverse concert series, click here.

She’s had a string of firsts in her 60-plus-year career, including being the first acclaimed singer to win the Pop and R&B Grammy Awards on the same night. She was the first legendary singer to break into pop music selling over 100 million albums.

Warwick has been dubbed “The Queen of Twitter” for her honest and candid tweets which have gotten her talking to many fans, friends and fellow celebrities. SNL has a recurring “talk show” skit from Dionne Warwick that she recently appeared on. “Oh my God. I’m having the best time with these kids, I really am,” Warwick said.

“I’ve got a lot of people in the industry responding to me, which is a lot of fun,” she added. “It’s been an adventure, and a wonderful one too.”

On the title of the current chapter of his life, Warwick said with a soft laugh, “Now.”


Her documentary “Dionne Warwick: Don’t Make Me Over” was acquired by CNN Films, which was narrated by Snoop Dogg. “The documentary is absolutely wonderful,” she said. “I didn’t know who was going to be part of it because they didn’t let me see anything before. It was a surprise to me to be sitting in a theater with people watching it as well. I also saw him for the first time. I am very very happy with it. »

“Snoop was one of them and it was so nice to hear what he had to say,” she added.

New Singles

Warwick’s latest single, “Power In The Name”, features his son and producer Damon Elliott and Krayzie Bone of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. “I wrote the song ‘Power In The Name’ for a movie, it’s our current release, and it features my other brother Krayzie Bone,” Damon said. “I played it for mom and she remembered it after I played it for her. It was perfect to spread it around, especially with the way the world is right now. Mom’s music is synonymous with hope and positive energy.

Damon has also written and produced his upcoming single, “Smile”, which will benefit the charity Operation Smile. “It will come out either in the spring or in the summer,” Damon said. “It’s a collaboration with mom and a few other artists like Nick Carter, Krayzie Bone, and we’re also trying to get Gladys Knight on board, as well as other great artists.”

“Operation Smile is an amazing organization, and whenever they want me, they have me,” Warwick added.

If she were to have a superpower, she revealed it would be “peace.” “We need a lot of peace right now,” she said.

When asked if there were any moments in her career that helped define her, she replied, “No. I am still in the process of defining.

She noted that she didn’t have a favorite song in her catalog. “All the songs are very, very special to me,” she admitted. “My songs are my reason for being.”

On his definition of the word success, Warwick said, “I’m still trying to figure that one out, to be perfectly honest with you.”

Warwick has listed Earth, Wind & Fire as the artists she would love to do a dream duet with one day.

For her fans, she concluded, “First of all, thank you. It’s so wonderful that they’ve been loyal and decided to continue hanging out with me, which is a good thing.

To learn more about Dionne Warwick and her music, visit her official website.

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