Masked Singer 2022 LIVE– Fans assume Ring Master is Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik ahead of next week’s high-stakes showdown

WEDNESDAY’s special “Road To The Finals” episode of the hit reality show details behind the scenes of the season as the finale nears.

As clues pile in on the identities of the remaining contestants, fans of the masked singer have had some very definite guesses – including a fan-favorite game show host.

A Twitter user guess this danger! host Mayim Bialik could be in the Ringmaster costume.

Although no contestants were eliminated in this week’s episode, the all-new special gave details on season seven’s dramatic journey as rumors of next week’s guest panelist continue to swirl. .

Two singers were unmasked last week, leaving Prince to battle Firefly and Ringmaster in the grand finale.

space bunny were eliminated first and revealed to be Shaggy, as Robin guessed, and the Queen Cobras were later unmasked and revealed to be R&B group En Vogue, which Nicole guessed correctly.

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  • New Series Items

    In the fourth season, a Golden Ear trophy was introduced, which is awarded to the panelist with the most correct first impression guesses at the end of the season, along with a reduction in performance and remote audience voting .

    In the fifth season, these aspects were carried over, while generic contestants who appeared at the end of certain episodes participated for the first time.

  • Past Winners: Jewel

    On December 15, 2021, The Masked Singer Season 6 Finals Queen of Hearts unmasked as Jewel defeated Todrick Hall after winning the Group B Finals.

    She then said People that the series allowed him to demonstrate the “technical” part of his voice.

  • Past winners: Nick Lachey

    The 98 Degrees member won as Piglet and said he was in the program for his children, Camden and Phoenix, as well as his daughter Brooklyn.

    While fame may have fooled the judges during his time on the show, he claims his kids immediately recognized their dad as Piglet.

    “They immediately recognized my voice,” Lachey told People.

  • Past winners: LeAnn Rhymes

    The show’s fourth episode ended with Grammy winner LeAnn Rimes.

    Rimes, who was masked like the Sun, went on to explain that her experience was not what she expected.

    She said: “I didn’t expect it to be so much work. I must say. I thought like, I’ll come, it’ll be easy. It’s gonna be fun. And it was a blast.”

  • Past Winners: Kandi Burruss

    As the competition’s first female champion, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star made history.

    After her win, she said, “For a long time I really stopped singing by myself because you get negative feedback and so it kinda bugs your head.

    “But thank you. So I had really quit. And I really thank you for helping me regain my confidence.

  • Past winners: Wayne Brady

    The former Hamilton performer and Let’s Make a Deal presenter struggled to hide his Fox role from host Nick Cannon, but after winning he made sure everyone knew how great he is. had fun on the show.

    After winningBrady said: “It’s been the coolest, the most amazing, the most touching, the hardest, the weirdest, the weirdest – and I’m hosting Let’s Make a Deal.”

  • Past winners: T-Pain

    When he won the contest’s inaugural season, the Grammy winner set the tone for all future winners.

    Before winning the Golden Mask, he beat Gladys Knight and Donny Osmond.

  • Who has already won The Masked Singer?

    Over its six seasons, the following celebrities have won the Golden Mask:

    • Season 1: T-Pain
    • Season 2: Wayne Brady
    • Season 3: Kandi Burruss
    • Season 4: LeAnn Rimes
    • Season 5: Nick Lachey
    • Season 6: Jewel
  • Natasha Bedingfield takes the stage

    The singer performs her classic song “Unwritten.”

    It has been announced that Natasha will host The Masked Singer’s nationwide tour this summer.

  • Firefly’s New Index

    Firefly has unveiled its new clue: a skateboard.

  • Firefly’s Highlight Reel

    Firefly said she wanted to start her Masked Singer journey to prove her talent to people.

  • Twitter guesses for Prince

    Many Twitter users believe the singer in the frog mask could be Broadway star Jeremy Jordan.

    Other fan guesses include:

    • Derek Hough
    • Skylar Astin
    • Cheyenne Jackson
  • New clue

    The prince has revealed a new clue to his identity: a howling wolf.

  • Other Ringmaster Guesses

    Twitter users dismissed numerous suspects besides Hayley Orrantia for Ringmaster, including:

    • Carrie Underwood
    • Jennifer Nettles
    • Miley Cyrus
    • Christina Aguilera
  • Twitter guesses

    Masked Singer fans on Twitter are speculating that the Ringmaster could be actress Hayley Orrantia.

  • “Fabulous and fun”

    Robin Thicke guessed the prince had a “fabulous and fun” personality.

    The panelist also guessed it might be a Broadway singer he doesn’t know.

  • Honored Prince

    A look back at Prince’s journey shows that they feel emotionally connected to the songs they chose for their performances.

  • New clue

    In the summary, the Ringmaster explained that the panelists couldn’t decide if she was a country singer or a pop star.

    The masked contestant then revealed that she had a new clue to hint at the Ringmaster’s identity: the Girl Scout logo.

  • In the wings

    Behind-the-scenes footage shows the top-secret costumes the contestants are required to wear in the studio.

    In the studio, they practice singing with vocal coaches and choreography with professional dancers.

  • “Serious death”

    Panelist Jenny McCarthy said she would shave her head if Ringmaster didn’t win this season because she cared so much about their votes.

    “I was very serious when I said I would shave my head,” Jenny said in a clip.

  • “Vocally Difficult”

    Ringmaster said she has always enjoyed singing and is happy to show her love for music by choosing vocally stimulating songs like “The Climb” and “I Will Always Love You.”

  • A look back at Ringmaster’s journey

    Never-before-seen footage of Ringmaster dancing backstage has been shown.

    “Where else could I play in a way no one would expect me to?” said the ringmaster.

    She went on to say that she had a bubbly personality under her costume.

  • Ringmaster Feedback

    “I’m going to keep singing for the rest of my life because that’s what I really love to do,” Ringmaster told host Nick Cannon.

  • To agree!

    A brand new episode of Masked Singer is LIVE NOW on FOX.

    Tune in to watch the special episode now!

  • Natasha Bedingfield’s next performance

    The singer tweeted that she would be on tonight’s episode of Masked Singer.

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