Mariah Carey shares her holiday playlist: “I just have a special connection to Christmas”

Christmas Queen Mariah Carey has certainly delivered this holiday season – the singer has already released a new collaborative single called “Fall In Love At Christmas” – and she’s just getting started. “I’m going all out all year, honey, ”Carey said recently. says USA TODAY. ” I like holidays. It’s just my thing. I just have a special connection to Christmas.

Carey then reminded us of her talent for all things joyful as she revealed a few of her vacation must-haves. “I listen to a playlist of thousands of Christmas songs from so many different albums that maybe not everyone is familiar with,” Carey told the store.

“I love the Jackson 5 Christmas album, always Nat King Cole and one of my favorites, Donny Hathaway, “she continued.” Even ‘The Chipmunk Song’ is on the playlist! People who come to stay with me, family and friends, it must be, like, December 28th and they go, can we put (any other music) back? “

The “All I Want for Christmas Is You” frontman was also joined by soul singer Kirk Franklin for the revealing Christmas interview. Franklin, along with R&B singer Khalid, are featured on Carey’s latest single, “Fall In Love At Christmas”.

“We were working at the Butterfly Lounge in Atlanta on a lot of different things, like a seven minute version of ‘We Belong Together’,” Carey began explaining his latest collaboration, “and it wasn’t about what kind of song , it was a musical place and a haven of peace and we ended up with that. It’s not just a ballad. Once the choir arrives, it takes (singing) to a new place, a spiritually improved place. I can’t compete with ‘All I Want For Christmas’, but I love it. “

Take a look behind the scenes of the filming of “Fall In Love At Christmas” here, and listen to the classic “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” below.

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