Macklemore releases new song, “Next Year”, first collaboration with Ryan Lewis in three years


Today (October 29), Grammy-winning rapper Macklemore released his new song, “Next Year”, featuring singer Windsor. The track also marks the first collaboration between Macklemore and his longtime musical partner, Grammy-winning producer Ryan Lewis.

The duo of course won several awards for their 2012 album. The breakage, which featured the hit “Thrift Shop”. But they haven’t worked together much in public since the rest of the album, This unruly mess I made.

The rapper posted about their reconnection on Instagram, saying, “After 3 years of not talking… I ran into Ryan at the store. NEXT YEAR TONIGHT 9 PM PST »

Check out the song, which is about what’s good and to come, below. Music includes keys, guitar, and fun, self-deprecating Macklemore lyrics.

It’s my arrival next year / I missed but I can feel it’s the only one / All the last three-sixty-one sucks / Like the group God texted the world and we dumped / Bah, bah, bah, you you better watch my bounce be / Because life is going to do what life does / I don’t wanna look back and regret who I was / Let go of expectations then on pull a / Forget the tally sheet before all my time is up / And I, know I have to do with / I am well aware that the universe owes me nothing / I know that, all this pain means the growth, I think / That next year will be better than this (Let’s go).

The rapper, who recently launched a new brand of golf equipment Bogey Boys, debuted the song the day before in Emerald City at his new golf clothing store during a listening evening. Watch this video made by fans.

Macklemore then tweeted about the release, saying, “It’s been a long time my friends. Too long. So excuse me while I shout this shit… NEXT YEAR IS AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE NOW

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