Loanhere Launches New Website to Help Singaporeans Quickly and Easily apply for personal loans from licensed financiers, Business News

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – February 23, 2021 – Loanhere today announced the launch of its website, a one-stop destination platform to apply for a personal loan in Singapore and instantly receive multiple offers and offers from licensed moneylenders.

Widely recognized as one of the most expensive cities in the world, having the financial liquidity to cope with Singapore’s high cost of living is not an easy matter. Coupled with an ongoing global pandemic, it is difficult and necessary for many locals to obtain loans to cover the cost of living and other payment obligations.

According to a recent report from, almost one in three Singaporeans has taken out a personal loan in the past 12 months, mostly to cover basic expenses, consolidate their debts or pay off credit card liabilities.

Aggregation of loan offers from licensed moneylenders

While there are platforms in the market that provide aggregated information on personal loans and SMEs Business loan, almost all of them focus only on bank financing. There is no similar platform in the market for borrowing from a licensed moneylender Perspective.

Loanhere was created in response and is intended to be the central target platform for all information related to borrowing from licensed moneylenders in Singapore.

More importantly, Loanhere provides prospective borrowers with instant loan quotes, selected from a curated selection of established and experienced licensed moneylenders across Singapore.

Loanhere saves borrowers time and hassle by prequalifying all partner lenders in its network to operate with a valid Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) moneylender license, reputations with the relevant authorities, and excellent customer ratings.

Simply by providing basic personal information such as name, contact details and the desired loan amount, Loanhere compares the loan request via its proprietary process with suitable offers from its network of licensed lenders and sends the corresponding loan offers and offers to the requestor’s email inbox immediately . The service is automated and is completely free to use by all Singapore citizens and permanent residents (PRs).

While banks have been the traditional lenders of personal loans, more and more Singaporeans and permanent residents are turning to licensed moneylenders as an alternative – or even preferred – way of obtaining a loan.

With generally more favorable evaluation criteria for borrowers, shorter application processing and disbursement times as well as the possibility of negotiating tailor-made loan repayment plans, more and more locals are finding the licensed moneylender route as an attractive option for self-financing.

Clear air for licensed money lending

Still, there is a certain amount of misunderstanding and ambiguity in the market when it comes to licensed moneylenders such as how they work, how to distinguish the good from the bad, what is legitimate and what is not, among other doubts and concerns.

In addition to providing quick loan offers to borrowers, Loanhere is also striving to raise general public awareness and understanding of borrowing from licensed moneylenders by regularly posting articles on the website covering various aspects of the subject, including clear distinction between licensed money lending and other unsavory forms of lending.

“Taking out loans from licensed moneylenders in Singapore is a viable and often more attractive option than borrowing from banks. We believe that more Singaporeans can better alleviate their financial situation if they understand licensed moneylenders as a practical and legitimate source of their finances and use funds properly and are committed to our mission to provide the most efficient loan aggregation service on the market, “stated a Loanhere spokesperson.

Visit the Loanhere website and get instant loan offers with one simple filing at

About Loanhere

Loanhere provides useful and relevant information on credit and alternative financing options through licensed moneylenders to assist Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PRs) in alleviating their financial challenges.

Loanhere aims to be the number 1 in Singapore for loans and financing through licensed moneylenders.

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