Laine Hardy Presents Acoustic Video for “Memorize You” After New Single’s “Bachelorette” Performance


After winning American Idol in 2019, groundbreaking country artist Laine Hardy continued his steep climb until his next debut album, due later this year. Ahead of the anticipated project, the 20-year-old artist recently released a sultry new summer single, “Memorize You”.

On Monday July 5, Hardy performed the single on the set of The bachelorette. The upbeat love song, written by Michael Tyler, Eric Arjes, and Steven Dale Jones, and produced by Michael Knox, added to the romantic tune at Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes’ date night.

The single, he says, has a “breezy summer vibe” that translates well into his on-air performance. Stripping the song further, Hardy presents a new acoustic video for “Memorize You”, exclusively on American songwriter.

Freed from the more pop production techniques that elevate this song to the rank of summer anthem, the acoustic video shows the dynamic vocal talent of the artist. Her enviable delivery of lyrics broadens the listener’s experience by distilling the narrative.

Raised in Livingston, Louisiana with a population of 2,000, Hardy began playing guitar at the age of six. Joining his older brother’s group, the artist roamed local clubs and bars for hours a night throughout his teens, before landing a spot on American idol. Its 2020 releases— “Tiny Town” (Michael Tyler), “Ground I Grew Up On” (Brandon Kinney, Josh Thompson, Brett Beavers), “Let There Be Country” (Jason Afable, Steve Moakler, Tim Nichols) and “ Other LA ”(Laine Hardy, Andy Sheridan, Erik Dylan and Dan Isbell), all produced by Knox, are heartwarming reflections of his roots in a small town in Louisiana.

“Michael Knox is a great rock classic,” says Hardy. “And working with him went relatively well on the path we were trying to chart for my art style. This album has a lot of my musical influences, like 50’s, 60’s and 70’s country combined with its own, and hopefully will stand out throughout.

On the album, “Memorize You” matches the dynamic soundscape, but the acoustic video reveals a softer feeling of Hardy, another face of his multidimensional art.

“On the acoustic version, I like that the listener can hear what I’m saying more clearly,” says Hardy. “There’s nothing wrong with the polished version, but if you really want to hear the lyrics and what the songwriters have written and understand it more deeply, then this version is for you.”

Watch the exclusive premiere of Laine Hardy’s “Memorize You” acoustic video below.

Photo credit: Robby Klein

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