Kelly Clarkson stars “Forever Young” by Rod Stewart and “She Used To Be” by Broadway’s “Waitress” in Latest Kellyoke


Thank goodness for Kelly Clarkson.

No matter how your day goes, good or bad, from top to bottom, there’s the smiling singer there to deliver her vocal prowess on original songs and covers we know well. And today, it’s no different.

For her last two performances “Kellyoke” on her popular TV show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, the artist sang a rendition of Broadway’s “She Used To Be Mine” Waitress and a cover of Rod Stewart’s “Forever Young”.

While the Stewart version is a variation of the Bob Dylan tune of the same name, Stewart and now Clarkson make it their own. And the Broadway musical, Waitress, is a new fan favorite with songs written by Sara Bareilles.

Check out the two songs below.

(Kellyoke, of course, is a Kelly and karaoke coat rack.)

And just a few days ago, Clarkson covered Hall & Oates’ hit song, “You Make My Dreams Come True”. The performances come after a number of headlines made by the talented singer.

Recently on her show, Clarkson surprised Jewel, the winner of the singing competition. The masked singer, with the trophy for his victory.

“It’s so amazing, you won! Clarkson told Jewel.

In other news, Clarkson recently spoke on iHeart radio Love someone with Delilah podcast on her latest Christmas album, which perhaps surprisingly contained songs inspired by grief after her recent divorce.

“I don’t regret anything. Even unhappy things that happen in your life or difficult things because we can do difficult things,” Clarkson said.

“But I also feel like it’s what shapes you, it’s what makes you a better person, it’s what makes you recognize – OK, I missed those red flags, j ‘missed it, I deliberately ignored it, “she adds.

In a light moment, Clarkson joked that she was a collector of red flags.

“I mean… I just collect them,” she said on the podcast. “I apparently wanted to do some sort of exhibition with a lot of them.”

As one of the main coaches of the NBC singing contest show The voice (and her team won this year), Clarkson said the music, and especially her new Christmas music, had helped her through the sadness of the divorce.


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