Jerry Lee Lewis reportedly paid dearly for third marriage to 13-year-old cousin and Bigamy


Rock ‘n roll legend Jerry Lee Lewis is a man of controversial acts, mostly because of his unconventional love life. The American singer has been married seven times and his third wife was his teenage cousin.

In August 2015, The Guardian interviewed Jerry Lee Lewis and his seventh wife, Judith Brown, at their home. Before the interview, Judith given the interviewer informed him of her husband:

“OK, you have to speak loud and slow to Jerry.” And don’t mention any swear words, nothing negative.

She added that the interviewer could ask questions about her, but when it comes to the star’s ex-wives, he should avoid the topic as her partner doesn’t like talking about personal things.

Judith and the musician have known each other for decades and have been married for almost ten years. They had a lot in common as they both grew up in the south as Pentecostal Christians.

Judith started caring for Lewis several years ago, and their interaction has evolved into something more. She shared that they fell in love with each other at the time and noted:

“He was very sick, so taking care of him and talking about how we grew up we fell in love with each other.”

When asked if her husband’s history with the women he had married had ever given her the shadow of a doubt about marrying him, Judith replied that she had not hesitated and explained why.

“No, no, I love these women who loved him. But these women were much younger than him, most of them, and the past is gone, noted Judith, now in her seventies.

Lewis shocked Hollywood when he learned that he had married his second cousin Myra Gale Brown in 1958. It was during this year that the pianist embarked on a tour of England.

He was on the verge of becoming the biggest star in rock music, as the tour was supposed to establish his worldwide fame. But when he and his entourage landed in London, the press was quick to learn more about the teenager at his side, the young Myra.

At the time, she told reporters that no one had told her anything about what to say and ended up developer what would become the biggest scandal of that time:

“When a reporter asked me, ‘Who are you?’ I was the one who let the big cat out of the bag. It was the perfect storm, and it couldn’t have happened at a worse time, in a worse place. “

Myra, who is now Myra Williams, real estate broker in Atlanta, added: “It all happened and a major explosion occurred. “

After dropping the bomb, the British tabloids had a field day and as a result the tour was canceled. Soon after, Lewis held a provocative press conference at London Airport and accused the British media of jealousy while raving about his cars and homes.

Right after, he and his family returned home to Memphis, and by the time they arrived, reports revealed that his third young wife was the daughter of his cousin and bassist, JW Brown.

Additionally, Lewis, then 22, was still technically married to his previous wife, Jane Mitcham. After the debacle, the career of the native of Louisiana was linked.

THE Ripple Effect and Marriage with Myra

Kris Kristofferson said Lewis has gone from an artist who made $ 10,000 a night to not even at least $ 100 a night. American journalist Alan Light shared that Rolling Stone sent him to Lewis Ranch in Nesbit, Mississippi years ago.

The intention was to capture a portrait of Myra and Lewis together and write about the experience and their interaction. Light revealed that he found Myra to be a bright and funny woman.

The two were said to have been playful and affectionate during the shoot – joking and laughing, hitting and hitting each other. When the rock critic shared his comments with the editors, they fell in love with a photo of Lewis sitting alone in front of his childhood piano.

The piece was recast as a straight profile, while Myra’s voice was relegated to two quotes. Light said that although Lewis had married five more times, it seemed Myra had remained close to his heart.

The former couple were married for 13 years and divorced in 1970 after Myra alleged she suffered physical and mental abuse from Lewis.

The “Sun Records” star did not refute the claims and instead admitted he was responsible for the abuse because Myra caught him cheating.

In June 1989, Myra told the Los Angeles Times that she went to see a psychiatrist after their divorce. She thought she must have lost her mind after what she had experienced within her marriage.

“You can’t live a life like this and go out and be fine. I must be crazy,” she said. noted. However, according to the psychiatrists, she was far from crazy and they told her that she was fine. But for Myra, she wasn’t feeling well.

As a published author, she said she endured years of therapy through her book titled “The Spark That Lived”. Myra explained that she had gone through a life of heartache, happiness, sadness, love and joy and scandal.

Remarkably, all of that disappeared when she finished writing her book, saying that she felt free with her life because she was between the covers of the book. The 77-year-old is now married to her third husband, Richard Williams, whom she married in 1984.

As for her ex-husband Lewis, the 86-year-old woman and Judith renewed their wedding vows on their ninth birthday in March 2021. The ceremony took place just weeks after the COVID-19 vaccination.

Reverend Donnie Swaggart, who is Lewis’s cousin, chaired the proceedings. According to Reuters, the couple were holding hands in their living room at Lewis Ranch, a tourist attraction.

About 100 guests attended the vow renewal and had to test negative for COVID-19 in order to attend the private party. The couple had been quarantined for months before the event.

Notably, due to the ongoing pandemic, Lewis even failed to celebrate his 85th birthday. He usually celebrates all his birthdays by throwing parties.

Speaking of age, her series of marriages began when she was 16. Lewis’s first wife was Dorothy Barton, the daughter of a preacher, and their union lasted only for seven months.

Lewis married for the second time weeks before his divorce from Barton was final. The second marriage lasted four years and he welcomed his first child.

He is the only surviving member of Sun Records, including Roy Orbison, Presley, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash. Lewis was one of the first artists to be inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame in 1986.

He was born on September 29, 1935 into a religious family that incredibly supported and invested him in his future. They sold their house when he was a child to buy him a piano. Lewis loved to play the piano when he was young and grew up to be a musical icon.

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