INTERVIEW: Queens Powerhouse singer JENNAH VOX returns with emotional single, “Tacoma (See You Around). Talks new music, geode hunting and more


Native Queens, Jennah vox released his first EP, In effigy at the end of last year. Produced in a venice beach garage, In effigy underlined the soulful and moving sound of the singer and songwriter while highlighting her “complicated relationship with God and men. “Now she’s coming back with a first look at her next EP Recover with the release of his new single, “Tacoma (See You Around)”. Described as a hymn of rupture for the post-pandemic world, VoxPowerful vocals shine in the new single which shows the growth and maturity of sound since the debut of 2020. Get to know each other Jennah vox in a All access exclusive interview that is sure to make you fall in love with this talented artist.

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Let’s start at the beginning, what made you want to make a career in music there?

JENNAH VOX: I was born listening to music, so it was music from day one. My family was very musical and my mom was a huge inspiration to me and my sister, expressing us through singing. We went through our childhood days making silly songs about what we were doing. Many of our songs featured the dog. My mom’s # 1 hit was “Shower Time”.

When I graduated from college, having mainly studied poetry and with no prospects for employment, I moved to Los Angeles to sing. Turns out everyone else too – so I started selling myself locally as a cellist. This is how I met Taylor Morrow, producer of In effigy and my next EP Recovery. I was in their band for a few years playing everything from The Viper room in a pinata plant. I was in other people’s bands, playing other people’s music for almost 10 years. It wasn’t until I suffered a major loss that I started writing for myself. In effigy is my first solo release and it is written about a major love that I lost and rebuilding my life afterwards.

After turning off In effigy and playing concerts, a lot of people tell me my voice gives them chills or makes them emotional or connects them to the present moment. I think it is important to honor the comments of my fans and I have decided to share my gift with the world for the rest of my life.

It’s incredibleCongratulations on the release of your latest single, “Tacoma (See You Around)”. What’s the story behind this one?

JV: Thank you! “Tacoma (See You Around)” is my most redemptive song yet. He talks about a few different relationships that I’ve had over time and about unrequited love, a heavy theme in my music. “Tacoma (See You Around)” is different from my other records because it takes back power and cuts through grief, allowing things to be as they are and saying goodbye to things that are not meant for me. “No more doomed between my sheets / tangled feet / no need for anotherIs a promise to myself that I intend to keep.

“Tacoma (See You Around)” Is Latest Single To Appear On Upcoming EP Recovery which is due this fall. What can fans expect from this EP that might differ from your last EP? Are there any songs that you are nervous about releasing because of their personal character?

JV: All of my songs are very personal – I’m serious about using my authentic voice. Recovery is different from In effigy in that each song is experimental and genre-changing. “Tacoma” is my first indie pop song, “Atlas” is a ballad with high energy drums and “Gretel” is my darkest song yet. This is the one I’m most nervous / excited my fans are hearing. I wrote it from the perspective of Gretel, the fictional character who is abandoned by those who are supposed to love and protect her. She has a lot to say about her predicament and I’ll leave it to listeners to decide if they like to hear my darkest thoughts on society and the world we find ourselves in today.

You released your first EP, In effigy at the end of last year that was produced in a garage during the quarantine. What was the biggest learning from your first EP? As an artist, how do you think you’ve grown since that first EP?

JV: Time and space are important to create great art. The studio we built to create In effigy was magnificent and had a powerful energy. A woman named Louie offered us his garage at venice beach, my favorite place on earth, through a series of random coincidences. We set up the speakers, instruments, a laptop and chairs. The garage overlooked palm trees and bright pink flowers. You could hear the ocean. I sat behind Taylor while they worked, for hours, listening intently to every detail of the record. We laughed, we argued, we cried. We ate a lot of tacos. We only had time since we were stuck in quarantine and no one was asking In effigy. It allowed Taylor and I the freedom we needed to make it what it was.

I didn’t expect anyone other than my friends and family to listen to the record – it was just something I felt called to do. I was shocked when In effigy has been shot 20,000 times. It made me think deeply about why I was doing this. Why do I go out of music, why am I trying to be an artist, what am I saying and why should people care? I sat for a long time with this thought In effigy found its audience. I have come to the conclusion that I am on Earth to help people remember who we really are. Without ego, without pretension. Let us walk the expressions of an infinite number of little miracles. Whether the steps we take to the left or to the right always bring us to the present moment. Listed through the stages of our parents and their parents and theirs and dinosaurs and stars and planets, up to the creation of space and time. And I try to honor this truth in all of my concerts. I think it keeps everyone coming back.

Album artwork for In effigy

You will perform live in New York at Rockwood Music Hall on Thursday, September 30e @ 8 p.m. What is your favorite moment when playing live (pre-performance, certain song, encore, etc.)? What does a Jennah Vox live show look like?

JV: The Jennah vox the live show is unique every time. I spend a ton of time designing the shows to suit the stage and the audience. Our first Rock wood show was intimate and leaning, our Electric Bowery show was a high octane rock show.

My favorite moments on stage are improvisation. At Rock wood show on september 30 we will have my best friend and extremely talented artist Trisha zuvitch on stage, directing the decor. We will write off-the-cuff from the audience’s suggestions and perform brand new songs live on stage that will only exist for that night, with the people in attendance and never again. Like a mandala. My shows are like mandalas.


If you weren’t an artist / musician, what career path would you imagine yourself taking?

JV: I would be a geode hunter and I would travel the world looking for crystals in the earth.

If you could be the headliner of a music festival / music event, which one would it be?

JV: Fair Lilith

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If you could only listen to (5) artists for the rest of your life, who would they be?

JV: Mac Miller, Dessa, Dermot kennedy, Brittany Howard, Amy winehouse. Their genius is very influential for me as an artist. Whenever I’m about to perform or something big is in the works, I accidentally hear one of these singers and remember the universe supporting me.

Besides the New York show and the EP release, is there anything else fans can expect from Jennah Vox in 2021 and early 2022?

JV: I plan to re-record both EPs and release them as a full album. We will also be working on two new music videos – my favorite art form to produce and to travel through the we to play shows where my downstairs fans live. I don’t care if I play in front of 5 people in Chicago or 10 in Boston. I am ready to connect with the fans live. I hope our paths will cross one day soon.

Congratulations, Jennah on the release of the new single, “Tacoma (See You Around)” and thanks for hanging out with All access! To stay up to date with upcoming shows and when the next EP Recovery will be released, be sure to follow along with Vox on his career by consulting his social networks below:

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