In the Queen’s inner circle, close friends and loyal staff she trusts

The Queen’s closest and most precious friends helped the monarch, 95, through a heartbreaking year as they enjoyed watching TV, chatting and sharing food and drinks during a rough summer .

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The queen “wanted to set an example at Christmas”, according to an expert

Everyone needs close friends and someone who can be truly counted on, and the Queen has no shortage of allies who never let her down.

They have been by her side more than ever this year after the death of her beloved husband Prince Philip in April.

With the monarch spending time in the hospital and of course the explosive interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, his confidants simply had to step up and stay closer than ever in 2021.

It was reported that the Queen had started having friends in Windsor for lunches and dinners over the last few months of summer for the first time since Philip’s death.

They enjoyed watching TV late in the evening, sharing a few drinks, good food and being in a good mood, it is said.

The Queen’s friends were close in 2021


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“The Queen can go from masterful to chatty with those she trusts. She has good judgment once she trusts people – and once she does, it’s very easy,” said a royal initiate.

The inner circle of loved ones has never been more important to her.

“Those in there cherish their place – they are a support for the Queen and someone they can laugh with and she can talk about the issues of the day,” the source told People.

A look back at the women who made his life easier during a very demanding year.

Angela Kelly

The Queen and Angela Kelly, on the far right, share the love of fashion


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When you have worked for the Queen for over 25 years, bonds are formed.

Angela is one of the Royal Family’s most trusted staff and has become a dear friend over the years.

The seamstress previously worked as a cleaning lady for the British Ambassador to Germany.

She impressed enough to get a job in the royal household.

In 2012, the Queen appointed her Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order and is the only person to have received formal permission to write a book about the monarch.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Angela previously said, “I love the Queen and everything around her. She has brought me closer to her over the years. I would never go over the bar and I stay. in awe of the queen. “

Sophie wessex

Sophie and her family have been on standby for a very difficult year


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It’s not just Sophie, wife of the Queen’s youngest son Prince Edward, who is always on hand.

The monarch is also extremely close to Sophie’s children, her youngest grandchildren – Lady Louise and Viscount James.

An insider told The Sun: “The Queen loves that Louise and James are relishing their time at Balmoral, and she has become particularly close to Louise, who appears to have become her favorite grandson, closely followed by James.”

Yet it is Sophie who is often described as the family’s “secret weapon”.

Dame Susan Hussey

Lady Susan Hussey is known as “Number One Head Girl” in the Queen’s Office


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His close companion is a maid of honor to Her Majesty.

The 81-year-old – known affectionately as ‘the Head Girl’s number one’ in the Queen’s office – grew closer to the Queen after Prince Andrew’s birth in 1960.

She is so trustworthy and loved that Lady Susan accompanied her in the car as she arrived at the funeral of her beloved husband Prince Philip in April.

She is also said to be a good friend of Prince Charles and Camilla, she is also the godmother of Prince William.

Dame Annabel Whitehead

Dame Annabel Whitehead is the queen’s “rock”



Dame Annabel Whitehead was an invaluable source of support for the monarch, it is believed.

By her side throughout a few very difficult months, royal sources give her credit for guiding the Queen through the summer.

Available to help with entertainment during the summer, she has been a rock.

Dame Annabel, 71, usually keeps a low profile when accompanying the monarch on official engagements.

Lady Pamela Hicks

Lady Pamela Hicks was a bridesmaid to the Queen in 1947



Lady Pamela, 92, is said to be the Queen’s oldest friend.

Her Highness’s second cousin and former maid of honor has served the monarch passionately for decades.

Daughter of Lord Mountbatten, a cousin of Prince Philip, the couple’s friendship continues to grow stronger.

She was a bridesmaid for the Queen when she married in 1947 and has been a solid form of support throughout her reign.

Lady Pamela described the Queen as “extremely loyal and utterly selfless” while praising her sense of duty.

She said: “To have known the Queen is to admire her above everyone else. She has always accepted whatever she is supposed to do.”

Dame Sarah Chatto

Lady Sarah, second from right, is said to be her “absolute favorite young royal”


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Lady Sarah Chatto is one of the most discreet members of the royal family and rarely takes on official duties

The 57-year-old daughter of the Queen’s late sister Princess Margaret, making her the monarch’s niece, avoids the spotlight.

But the couple are said to have a special bond and according to the Daily Mail, she is the only guest ever allowed to accompany the monarch to his favorite refuge, Craigowan Lodge on the Balmoral Estate.

A royal aide told the newspaper: “The Queen adores Sarah and seeks her company as often as possible. She is her favorite youngest Royal.

“They are extremely comfortable in each other’s company. You can hear a lot of laughter when they are together. They share a sense of loyalty, fun, duty and ridicule.”

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