Impromptu Violin Concert at a Ukrainian Shelter Goes Viral

On Sunday March 6, an impromptu violin concert from a Ukrainian bomb shelter went viral and it features a haunting sound.

CNN writer Wynn Westmoreland shared the concert on Twitter, writing, “Impromptu violin concert at a Ukrainian hideaway. Hauntingly beautiful. #Ukraine

Check out the 48-second clip below, which has already racked up over two million views.

The song is “What a Moonlit Night”, or in Ukrainian, “Nich yaka misyachna”, wrote a Twitter user. @LittleKinder.

It’s easy to imagine that this clip will remain a symbol of the creative spirit in the face of tyranny for years, if not decades, to come.

The clip features a woman dressed in black, timelessly playing her violin with people watching, surrounding her in the shelter. It’s a moment of reflection and beauty in an otherwise frightening time.

In February, Russian troops invaded Ukraine at the behest of Russian oligarch Vladimir Putin. The country has been in turmoil ever since, wondering when the war, which many are already calling World War III, will end.

The clip was originally posted by self-proclaimed war expert Liubov Tsybulska on Twitter. As of this writing, the video has some 90,000 likes and 25,000 retweets, along with numerous comments.

The video is one of many musical tributes and odes to Ukraine. Click HERE to find out how to support Ukraine through music.

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