Here’s where you can buy a Princess Diana engagement ring lookalike for just $20

Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring caused a stir when Prince Charles first bestowed it on her in 1981. According to The Knot, Diana broke with royal tradition when selecting her engagement ring because she opted to buy something from Garrard’s existing catalog instead. to design a unique piece for herself. Kwiat Diamonds and Fred Leighton CEO Greg Kwiat explained the controversy to The Knot, saying: “At the time, the Queen would not have been pleased if the engagement ring was a stock piece that was not any client of the jeweler could have owned.” Of course, now that Princess Diana’s sapphire ring has become almost as iconic as the woman herself, she’s still managed to stand out from the crowd, even decades later.

Fans looking to channel their inner Princess Di can pick up an almost identical ring to the stunning sapphire for just $20 via Amazon. The ordering process is simple as customers can simply select a ring size from the options given to have the ring shipped within days. In addition to good news, the retailer is also offering another version of the ring featuring an emerald instead of a sapphire. This might suit anyone looking for a slightly different option that still captures the essence of the original sparkler.

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