Hardware test: Acoustasonic Player Telecaster by Fender

Fender has had great success with its line of Acoustasonic guitars since its initial launch in 2010. This is an evolutionary progression as Fender followed the Telecaster with the Stratocaster and eventually the Jazzmaster Edition. The goal of Acoustasonics is to give you access to multiple acoustic guitar tones and electric guitar sounds in a single playable and portable hybrid instrument.

The new Acoustasonic Player Telecaster has just been released to make this technology more affordable and accessible compared to the original American-made versions. Right out of the shipping box, this Acoustasonic played and sounded stellar and even better when plugged into an amplifier. Most of us don’t have the luxury of taking multiple guitars to a concert or songwriter tour. With the new Acoustasonic Player Tele, you can change your sound for each song with just one guitar.

Acoustasonic Player Telecaster (courtesy of Fender)

The beauty of this new model, for me, is that it made it easier for the average musician like you and me. It has six different voices and a 3 position switch. The mix knob controls your A or B voices and volume functions as normal. For electronics, it features a Fishman Under-Saddle transducer and a quiet Fender Acoustasonic pickup. The SIRS (stringer instrument resonance system) on the more expensive models is still present on this one. This is tuned for the guitar and controls the flow of air in and out, so it sounds like natural acoustics. The beveled outline of the forearm and back on the Telecaster’s body makes it comfortable to play with no sharp edges hollowing out your arms. I’m also happy that the Acoustasonic Player Tele uses a standard 9 volt battery like my other guitars, so I don’t have to worry about whether or not it was charged before playing it.

For construction, the guitar has a mahogany body and neck with a Sitka spruce top, rosewood fingerboard and bridge. It is currently available in Shadow Burst, Brushed Black, Caramel Blonde and Arctic White finishes. It also comes with a well-built Fender carry bag. There are basically two different types of musicians: those who will spend hours polishing and composing sounds, and those of us who like to take a guitar and just play it. The Acoustasonic Player Telecaster is designed for gamers who demand a premium quality instrument with multiple sound options, but they also don’t want to waste time trying to find them.

The prize is also a big payoff, at $ 1,199.00. If you were looking for a Swiss Army Knife hybrid guitar in the past but thought it was overpriced, I highly recommend you take a look at the new Acoustasonic Player Telecaster from Fender. It’s simple, affordable, and fun.

Photos courtesy of Fender

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