GRAE sheds rose-colored glasses with new single “Forget You”

GRAEthe new single”To forget you” arrives in the season of love where the energy of Valentine’s Day still emanates through the last days of the month. And for GRAE, the single is a reminder not to romance things for romance’s sake. After all, through rose-colored glasses, “all red flags look like flags,” GRAE said.

Sonically, “Forget You” begins with an atmospheric Cure-inspired guitar melody, and GRAE asks a hard-hitting question: Why do we remember things better than they were?

Reflecting on this question and an unhealthy relationship, GRAE looks back on the person she was. The artist ruminates on the complicated dependency people can have on each other – a strong bond isn’t always a good thing.

Shit, I wish I had amnesia
I will heal very quickly

Shit, I wish I didn’t need you
You make me sick

Rose glasses, got me landing on your spines

“I was broken, still chasing that one person,” she said. “Thinking they were everything to me when I was absolutely nothing to them. This song is my farewell to this period of my life. A goodbye to them.

GRAE is unfortunately no stranger to heartache. The artist explores these themes from his 2020 EP permanent maniac. Yet while the urge to forget about a bad relationship can be overwhelming, the GRAE finds some solace in reflection. She finds the process to be more healing than just trying to forget.

“Don’t lower your expectations because you’re lonely or have a twisted perception of what it means to be in love,” GRAE told American Songwriter.

“You are stronger than that and you are so worthy of all good things. You deserve love. Let them go. The one you care about hurts you. Let them go. I promise you everything will be fine.

Listen to GRAE’s new single, “Forget You,” below.

Photo credit: Luis Mora

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