Get Money in Minutes! ICICI Bank offers home, personal and car loans on site


ICICI Bank today announced the launch of Maha Loan Dhamaka, an initiative to provide on-site loan approvals and exclusive manufacturer-led offerings, including Hyundai Motors India Ltd. in semi-urban and rural areas and in large corporate buildings for individuals, including non-customers of the bank. By the end of March 2020, the bank will be holding around 2,000 such “Maha Loan” camps across the country.

What is “Maha Loan Dhamaka”?

Each camp will be a two day affair where individuals can enter with the required documents and leave with local approval to fund their dream products. The bank launched the Maha Loan Dhamaka today with the opening of its first warehouse in Deesa in the Banaskantha district of Gujarat.

In the “Maha Loan Dhamaka”, the bank will provide a comprehensive bouquet of exciting offers and special packages for two- and four-wheelers, trucks, agricultural equipment and tractors, personal loans, gold loans and Kisan credit cards. These “Maha Loan” camps are one-stop shops for people from the surrounding towns / villages to access the full range of the bank’s bespoke products and services. In large corporate buildings, the bank offers instant approvals for loans – personal, personal, two- and four-wheel loans – and credit cards.

The “Maha Loan” camps exhibit vehicles from renowned brands both in rural locations and for companies.

The most important highlights of the offers in the ‘Maha Loan Dhamaka’:

Advantages of two-wheel, truck and equipment loans:

– Zero processing fee
– Simple EMI
– Instant loan up to 100% of the street price of the two-wheeler, up to 95% of the truck cost, up to 85% of the equipment vehicle cost

Benefits of car, gold, personal and tractor loans:

– Flat rate processing fee of Rs. 999 on car loans, Rs. 1499 on personal loans and Rs. 2,000 on tractor loans (excluding taxes)
– Special offers on selected four-wheel models from manufacturers such as Hyundai Motors India Ltd.
– 50% discount on gold loan processing fees over Rs. 2 lakh

Anup Bagchi, Executive Director of ICICI Bank, said of the initiative: “We are excited to launch the Maha Loan Dhamaka with the aim of providing easy access to credit for people across the country. In this endeavor, we are bringing our unique offering of instant loans and on-site permits to the doorstep of potential customers across the country in semi-urban and rural areas, as well as corporate employees. ”

Advantages of the Kisan credit card:

– 50% discount on the processing fee and no costs for technical and legal reviews
– KCC overdraft facility for five years, subject to annual review

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