Former “American Idol” singer reunited with newborn daughter following viral police baby abduction video, but fight for son continues


Former competitor of “American Idol” Syesha Mercado won a battle in the world’s largest custody war involving her two children.

The 34-year-old alum from the reality show and his partner, Tyron Deneer, reunited with their newborn daughter Ast on Friday, August 20, after the newborn was forcibly removed from the couple by authorities on the 11th. August, following allegations of malnutrition. involving another child of the couple, their 1 year old son. The moment Ast was taken was captured in a video posted by Syesha, in which police surrounded her car and left the mother in tears.

“How can you do that?” Don’t you feel anything? ” Mercado asked the cops in the now viral video. “My baby is a few days old and you are taking my baby away from me.” You take my baby away from me. You don’t have a heart. This is so wrong. “

Apparently, the specialized child welfare unit of the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office was to provide welfare check on any additional children the couple had. When Mercado gave birth to her daughter, CPS officials visited the couple’s home after learning that Mercado had given birth to her daughter. The agency would then have obtained permission to conduct a welfare investigation and remove the baby.

In an Aug. 20 video shared on his Instagram page, Deneer smiled and revealed that “our Ast is at home” as he showed her sleeping peacefully in a car seat next to him. “Our Ast is at home. We have our Ast with us. So we want to say thank you! Deneer said with a smile. “We still have some work to do to get Ra back, but we want to thank you.”

While he did not disclose the details of how the reunion was made possible, he and Mercado beamed with pride and expressed gratitude for the people who supported their efforts, whether financially or by pushing through. word. “Thanks to all of you and my family, we have had the support we need to ensure that the best lawyers in the country are able to deliver justice, ”he continued. “Ast is back. We still have to get Ra back… but just know that people, through all of you, we were able to thwart this unfair system and corruption so that we could get our baby back.

“AST IS AT HOME !!!! #BringRaHome POWER TO THE PEOPLE !!!!!! »Exclaimed Mercado in the caption of his video.

Victory is a moment of lightness for the family, however, their fight will not be over until their son, Amen’Ra, is brought home as well. When the couple took the one-year-old to the Johns Hopkins Hospital for All Children in St. Petersburg, Fla. In March due to her difficulty switching from breast milk to solid foods and other liquids, instead of receiving the help they sought, they were accused of “abuse and neglect” according to Mercado. Doctors alleged that Amen’Ra was suffering from malnutrition and that Mercado refused him a B12 injection in a matter of life and death. Mercado denies having refused the shot and claims that his son was never “on the verge of death”.

Instead of considering qualified parents, the authorities placed Amen’Ra in foster care; he still has not found his parents.

Baby Ast is back home with his parents Syesha Mercado and Tyron Deneer. Photo credit: @ sysesha / Instagram

The couple continued to receive public support as they continued their legal battle. After starting a GoFundMe page To raise funds for legal fees and awareness of the “victimization of our children through the foster care system,” they exceeded their initial donation target of $ 200,000, receiving over $ 434,000 in at the time of writing this article.

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