Equipment: Walrus Audio Slötvå Multi-Texture Reverb

Walrus Audio only appeared on my radar about 5 years ago after ten years in business, but they caught my attention because of the thoughtful and very useful devices they make. They obviously play music themselves and listen to the musicians who work and what they need. Slötvå is no exception. Great sounding, multi-layered and created for the genre-bending, high-profile songwriter in all of us.

At its heart it’s atmospheric reverb, but in practice so much more. While other companies may settle for just one ambient reverb to drive internet chat groups crazy, Walrus Audio brings you three great reverbs in Slötvå. Dark, which adds a low octave to your signal (super smart and greatly preferred by this writer of the never-ending stream of “glittery” reverbs on the planet), Rise, which incorporates a swell function (think classic slow speed app ), and Dream, which is super ambient and modulated. Modulation is controlled by the X knob, which performs a different function in each setting. Hold the bypass switch and you’re in secondary mode. Turn the depth knob to the right for faster speed in modulation or counterclockwise for less. In Rise mode, the secondary function is to determine how fast or slow the rise is. In dark mode this again affects modulation, but the X knob in primary mode affects the amount of low octave mixed into your signal. The Filter knob affects the high frequency content of your reverb. Extremely well planned and loaded with goodies for a single footprint pedal.

The sustain pedal allows for a dream mode sustain pad, which locks and can be played on it. However, you can also press and hold it for momentary sustain pads. You can use Slötvå in trails on or off (bypass) mode. In Trails mode, your degraded signal will continue uninterrupted if and when you bypass the pedal.

Slötvå’s newest feature is the ability to save presets by pressing both the bypass and hold switches through all three presets. The pedal comes with three pre-programmed presets, but creating your own is as easy as tweaking your settings and then holding both sustain and bypass at the same time. You will see the light flash to confirm your new preset. In Trails mode, one preset will spill over to the next as long as it is the same reverb algorithm.

Slötvå is a lush, beautiful and deep reverb in one of three different modes. It can be fully wet (yes!) or mixed less than 50/50, it’s still gorgeous and enveloping (50% is around 2 hours on the Slötvå and Walrus Audio has aptly marked this spot on the front of the pedal) . After ten years in business, Walrus Audio continues to push the boundaries of great sound further and further and we have them to thank. The Slötvå is an outstanding reverb with three fantastic algorithms, just about every feature you could ask for, and is priced very reasonably at $229. It runs on 9v power and requires at least 100ma of juice.

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