Elvis trailer: Austin Butler, Tom Hanks promise an electrifying cinematic experience

The trailer for Baz Luhrmann’s next movie, Elvis, is out and it’s electrifying. The biopic is based on the life and times of legendary American pop singer Elvis Presley. And judging by the trailer, it seems to be revisiting an important part of America’s history that is culturally, socially, and politically significant.

The trailer begins with Tom Hanks’ Tom Parker approaching a young Elvis Presley. Tom sees a huge opportunity in Elvis’ unique talent and offers to promote him. And so begins the journey of one of music’s most famous icons, who is later celebrated as the “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll”. Set against the backdrop of the American civil rights movement, the film is about Elvis discovering a voice that could be used to unify a country divided along racial lines.

Baz Luhrmann edited the film on a grand scale promising us a visual spectacle. And not to mention how Austin Butler is portrayed as Elvis. Her beauty and her effort to channel the charm of Elvis are remarkable. And Tom Hanks is almost unrecognizable in his prosthetic makeup as a cold-hearted, shrewd, cigar-smoking businessman.

Warner Bros assured fans that Elvis would only open in cinemas, given the company’s recent pivot towards aggressively expanding its footprint in the OTT space. The film is expected in theaters on June 23.

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