Dove Cameron is the best “boyfriend” and releases a new music video

Dove Cameron’s latest single, “Boyfriendwas a happy accident of sorts. The singer-songwriter and actress had just wrapped up her tour and decided it was time to refocus on her music. Now entering music mode, Cameron listened to a batch of tracks that his producer and friend Evan Blair sent over. One of the 15 tracks included striking chord progressions.

“I was like, ‘Wow, that’s a bad guy song,'” Cameron says of the demo. Unbeknownst to him at the time, this track would go on to create the basis for his hit single, “Boyfriend.”

The music to “Boyfriend” is wicked as Cameron describes it but in the most delightful way. It’s smug yet sultry and slinky as its chords glide through the song. So, inspired by the demo, Cameron decided to give the music a voice.

“I sat down and we [Skyler Stonestreet, Delacey, Evan Blair] wrote it in about two hours,” Cameron told the American songwriter. “[We] recorded it and left without thinking anything about it.

Soon the song that Cameron had started bringing to life would grow to have a life of its own. “Boyfriend” immediately went viral after Cameron posted a snippet of the song on his TikTok account. “I teased it a bit in December because it was just one of the first tracks I had finished and I was like, ‘What am I working on? I’m working on this. I was just putting people up-to-date,” says Cameron.

“Boyfriend” gained millions of likes on TikTok and Cameron decided to push back the release of “Boyfriend” to February 2022 due to the overwhelmingly positive reaction.

“It’s really, really crazy and wild, but it feels good,” Cameron says. “Because it’s so true to me. I think if you’re trying to design something that’s going to work well, most of the time it doesn’t work that way. But then the stories that are left to the world are the things that go well.

Photo by Kristen Jan Wong

The song itself, now playing around the world, is Cameron’s honest offer of a queer anthem. Specifically, the song is from the perspective of a woman pursuing another woman after her boyfriend leaves the room.

I can’t believe we’re finally alone
I can’t believe I almost came home
What are the chances? Everyone dances
And he’s not with you

I could be a better boyfriend than him
I might do the shit he never did

Up all night, I won’t give up
Thinking I’m gonna steal you from him
I could be such a gentleman
Plus all my clothes would fit

“What I love about ‘Boyfriend’ is that it’s like a sexy night out, a sexy retelling of something that happened between these two women. [It’s] a cocky villain anthem about being attracted to someone and having that mutual chemistry with someone the way straight guys write about each other,” Cameron says. “That’s what I think is important about the song is that in that way it’s long overdue because it’s like any other song that way. There’s nothing that separates it too lyrically from a song a man would write about a woman or vice versa.

Cameron herself revealed to the public that she identifies as gay in 2021. And with the release of “Boyfriend” in 2022, Cameron hopes that same-sex relationships will be increasingly portrayed for what they are: normal. .

“I think being a queer artist, having a queer song and people feeling seen by that [people] who are queer and feel like maybe they’re not represented on the radio and they’re not represented in a lot of mainstream spaces – that’s a privilege I never expected says Cameron.

On March 31, Cameron took “Boyfriend” one step further by dropping a music video for the song. The visual version of “Boyfriend” is just as seductive and candid but with moving scenes from Cameron and his co-star, Charlene. The video is full of symbolism, easter eggs, and touches of futurism/sci-fi. Additionally, “[t]here’s definitely a touch of the real story that unfolded in the video,” Cameron says.

Overall, however, Cameron explains, “It was very important to me that this was an authentic queer love story.”

Watch the premiere of the “Boyfriend” music video below.

Photo credit: Kristen Jan Wong

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