Disney brings back singer Happy Ever After for new Disney Cruise Line song


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When it comes to songs created for Disney Parks, Disney fans cherish every note with all their hearts because music has the ability to instantly create and create magic wherever you are.

Whether you’re listening to music from your favorite Disney parade like Paint the Night, or sending it back to the Wishes soundtrack from the old Magic Kingdom fireworks display, every song has one thing in common, and it’s this. Disney magic. Music is inherently different from anything you’d hear on the radio or in a musical, and it’s like Disney Parks music has carved out its own niche in the musical category.

Minnie and Mickey Disney Cruise Line
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One song that has had and still has the ability to make guests cry is “Happily Ever After”. “Happily Ever After” accompanies the Magic Kingdom night fireworks display, which Disney Enchantment has just taken over. The show ran for a few short years from 2017 and lost a year in airing due to the pandemic ending the fireworks. The song performed by Jordan Fisher and Angie Keilhauer is deeply loved and has caused deep sorrow to many who are saddened that they will no longer be able to hear the music during Magic Kingdom.

Jordanian fisherman
Credit: Jordan Fisher Instagram

Well Happily Ever After Might Be Over, by Jordan Fisher hasn’t given up when it comes to creating the next big Disney song that will make us all want to put on Mickey Ears and watch the castle. . As we discussed, Disney Cruise Line’s “Magic Meets the Sea” float will soon debut in Macy’s 95th Thanksgiving Parade, and now a special song will accompany it. As noted by Disney Park Blog:

Disney Channel and Broadway star Jordan Fisher will board our “ship” to delight viewers with an incredible performance of an original Disney Cruise Line song titled “Together We Set Sail”.

This show will be a celebration of togetherness and belonging because “it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from,” everyone is welcome aboard the Disney Cruise Line fleet.

Jordan fisher happily singing forever
Credit: Screenshot via Disney Parks

In addition to your favorite Disney friends including Captain Minnie Mouse, Aladdin and Jasmine, Princess Tiana, Goofy and more, our imaginatively designed float will feature enchanting surprises and an incredible group of artists who represent the various crew members. that bring magic to life at sea.

disney cruise line
Credit: Disney

It looks like this new song will be the first song specific to Disney Cruise Line, which will give DCL guests the same feeling as Disney park guests when they see a cavalcade, parade or show go by. Fisher has become a staple in the Disney community, and it’s no surprise to learn that he’s back making more magical music that will surely make us cry and inspire us in no time.

Remember Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade on NBC-TV on November 25 from 9 a.m. to noon in all time zones.

Are you excited to see Jordan Fisher come back to make Disney music?

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