Discretion should have been on Andrew’s agenda

It was so good to see the Queen back on her feet yesterday, able to participate fully in a true act of remembrance for Prince Philip, her beloved husband and rock.

Yes, she looked frail, but she is 95, and it would have been so heartbreaking for her not to have been able to perform the service.

A few points arise from the service. First, Prince Harry stayed on the other side of the world, and it was hard to tell he was absent from the proceedings. He can be distant, but he must be careful not to make himself useless.

But Prince Andrew was present. Very present, escorting the queen to her seat. He’s of course denied any wrongdoing in his friendship with a convicted pedophile, but he’s also just paid his accuser £12million – that’s more money than most of Her Majesty’s subjects will see in their life. Andrew shouldn’t have been erased from his father’s memorial service, but you would have thought discretion would have been the order of the day, even though his mother loves him dearly.

Second, one of the defining images of the lockdown was the sight of the Queen in her black mask, all alone, at her husband’s funeral. It was on this day that one of the parties in Downing Street apparently took place.

Yesterday, the day of the memorial service, the first fines were imposed on the revelers. Time and events like the war in Ukraine have calmed Partygate, but the police have now confirmed what was obvious to everyone: that the law had been broken. The passage of time should not allow this outrageous behavior to be forgotten as everyone from Her Majesty down obeyed the rules and suffered in their own way.

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