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ASHLAND An Ashland woman has won an award from the world’s largest independent music organization.

Zoë Leunissen, 19, was named pop / contemporary singer of the year at this month’s Josie Music Awards at Pigeon Forge.

“It was totally unexpected,” Leunissen said. “I was coming back from the bathroom and as soon as I sat down I heard my name.”

The show, which honored T. Graham Brown with a Lifetime Achievement Award, was especially enjoyable for Leunissen as she visited a friend she met at the event of last year: Jackson Snelling from Austin, Indiana, who appeared on “American Idol” and auditioned for “The Voice” and “America’s Got Talent”.

But winning such an award is a career boost for anyone.

Leunissen said that as a Josie recipient she will be among the artists performing next year at a music festival leading up to next year’s awards ceremony.

Meanwhile, she said she was still working on an album and trying to find venues in the area where she could perform.

Leunissen has performed in the area at open mic nights and can be heard on YouTube.

Last year, Leunissen won a Red Carpet Award for Best Music Video for the song “A Thing Called Life”, which was shot at Boyd County High School. The video is on YouTube. Red Carpet prices are based in the Netherlands; due to the COVID-19 pandemic, prices were announced online. Its director is Salter-Gann Universal Promotions and Management LLC.

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