“Captain” Kirk Douglas, The Head and the Heart, Five For Fighting and Son Little

Music can brighten your day.

A song played at the right time, perhaps with the right cup of coffee in your favorite mug, the sun streaming through the window, can really make life worth living.

At American Songwriter, we believe songs are oxygen to your spiritual lungs.

To that end, we wanted to share four new musical works to brighten your day and share the good word of composition. So with that in mind, here are four songs for you today.

1. “We can be one” by “Captain” Kirk Douglas

The shredded lead guitarist of legendary band The Roots, “Captain” Kirk Douglas, released his latest single this week. The rhythmic, propulsive track also hints at his upcoming new full solo album, which is due out “very soon”. Check out the heartbreaking new single from the Grammy Award-winning artist below.

2. “Blood on My Hands” by Five For Fighting

The acclaimed singer-songwriter has released a new music video for his sharp track, ‘Blood On My Hands’, highlighting the US withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021, which the artist says has left many people in danger in the war-torn country. to American troops. “A year after our withdrawal from Afghanistan, the consequences are catastrophic and devastating,” said John Ondrasik of the FFF. Check out the new video below. (Attention: graphic images are presented in the video clip.)

3. “upside down” by Son Little

Son Little is one of the best songwriters working today. It is honest, unique, thorough and subtly crafted. His voice weaves through the spheres and suddenly he is inside your soul, telling you about the lay of the land. Check out her new single “Upside Down” from her new album later this month.

4. “Don’t Show Your Weakness” by The Head and the Heart

Everyone’s favorite harmony band The Head and the Heart have released their latest music video for the single “Don’t Show Your Weakness”. The video is visually captivating, the song rich in beats, loud guitars and vocal prowess. Check out the new offering from the Pacific Northwest-born stalwarts below.

Head and Heart Feature Photo (Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez/Warner Records Press)

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