Bruce Springsteen and John Mellencamp close the Rock Hall ceremony with Jerry Lee Lewis Tribute

Friends and musical legends Bruce Springsteen and John Mellencamp closed the recent Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ceremonies this weekend with a tribute to the late rockabilly artist Jerry Lee Lewis.

The two performed Lewis’ hits, “High School Confidential” and “Great Balls of Fire.” Springsteen and Mellencamp were backed by the Zac Brown Band and key E Street Band player Roy Bittan also performed.

“One last for the killer,” Springsteen said before the performance. “Anyone know the lyrics? Can you get them up there?

Lewis died on October 28. He was 87 years old. He was also the last surviving member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s First Class of 1986, which included Chuck Berry, James Brown, Fats Domino, the Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley.

Earlier in the show, Springsteen and Mellencamp made an appearance as they inducted record executive and former record producer Jimmy Iovine and entertainment attorney Allen Grubman. Both received the Ahmet Ertegun Award, which recognizes professionals who “have had a major influence on the creative development and growth of rock and roll and music that has had an impact on youth culture”.

Springsteen told the story of Iovine convincing him to give Patti Smith an unfinished demo, which later became the hit, “Here Comes the Night”.

With Jimmy’s guidance, Patti Smith turned “Here Comes the Night” into a massive Top 5 record – “something I never could have done because I didn’t have the guts to make a song out of it. of love like Jimmy did,” Springsteen said.

Mellencamp said Grubman was like a “big fucking big tree” who is still “massive and unyielding”. On this tree, there is a pile of apples. A few stay firmly attached, but most of the apples, I’m sorry to say, shrivel up and fall to the ground…unfortunately forgotten. Mellencamp thanked Grubman for making sure he was still part of that metaphorical tree.

Springsteen and Mellencamp also appeared on Mellencamp’s recent single, “days lost.”

Check out Springsteen and Mellencamp performing Lewis’s music below.

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