Bringin ‘it Backwards: Interview with MJ Songstress


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We had the pleasure of interviewing MJ Songstress in Zoom video!

Fort Lee, New Jersey vocal powerhouse MJ Songstress, recently released the music video for his new single “Carousel”. The first thing you’ll probably notice is the intoxicating rhythm, an unmistakable sound signature with a midrange thump, ‘Carousel’ is a sultry, immersive and propulsive bop, designed to pick you up and whirl you around in a carefree spirit. and spiritual. existentialism. It’s a song that is sure to fill the dance floor and sure to put you in the mood for a new love.

If all there was to “Carousel” was its engaging sound, it would still be worth shooting. But MJ Songstress isn’t just about thrills, she’s also an experienced songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with a deep understanding of musical composition. She gave us a song that would sound just as good if performed on the piano solo as it would come out of the loudspeakers of one of New York’s legendary nightclubs or London’s Vauxhall stage. She pushes towards an unprecedented fusion of pop, jazz, hip-hop, R&B and Latin music – a fusion that represents wherever she has gone and wherever she is determined to go.

Although she’s already had a lifetime of achievement, she’s not the type to press pause. She has successfully participated in television singing competitions on both sides of the border. MJ Songstress was on Team Usher and was in the Top 20 for Season 6 of The Voice on NBC, and was a finalist on Televisa’s La Voz México. During her career, she has worked with legends: Swizz Beatz, Nile Rodgers and CHIC, Wyclef Jean, AB Quintanilla and Los Kumbia All-Starz, to name a few. “Carousel” is the culmination of all the work she’s done so far, and it’s likely to appeal to anyone who wishes to be swept away by love.

In addition to her songwriting skills, MJ Songstress is also a skilled dancer, and for the music video for “Carousel,” director Sage Love chose to showcase MJ’s natural grace in the video. The star is an amazing presence on screen, and wherever the camera finds her – a swimming pool, a club, on a balcony overlooking the city skyline – she looks both natural and radiant. Cleverly, Sage Love distresses and erases some footage and makes the entire clip feel like a rapturous dream. MJ Songstress dances there with a smile, elusive and seductive, inviting the viewer to get to know her better.

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