Bridget Moynahan’s fortune: What is the fortune of Tom Brady’s first ex-wife?

A we talk a lot by Tom Brady break up with Gisele Bundchen but this is not the first rodeo of quarterbacks, as before meeting the Brazilian model, he dated an actress Bridget Moynahan for more than three years, with whom he shares a son, Jackwho is currently 15 years old.

Bridget Moynahan’s net worth

Bridget Moynahan was born in 1971 in Binghamton, NY and had a successful career as an actress, mostly in television series and has an estimate $25 million net worthaccording Celebrity Net Worth.

She appeared in over 220 episodes of the TV show “Blue blood” and started going around $60,000 per episode but last season she managed to get a $100,000 per episode payday, bringing it to $3 million for the season.

Bridget Moynahan directed her quotes at Gisele Bündchen?

Recently, Bridget Moynahan posted a quote on Instagram that wreaked havoc on the internet thinking she had directed them to her ex’s ex-wife, Gisele Bundchenand all we can say is that the timing makes everyone think they are.

“Not everything is meant to be fixed, not all relationships are meant to last a lifetime. Sometimes we have to learn to be comfortable with the gifts that are given through breakups and endings at the place for stories of reparation and reconciliation.”

She also said that people are comfortable with happily ever after stories because of Disney movies.

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