Ben Böhmer and Rob Moose join forces to create “The Apparitions”

When you put electronic (Viberate) producer Ben Böhmer and Grammy-winning multi-instrumentalist/composer/bandleader Rob Moose (Bon Iver, Taylor Swift, Phoebe Bridgers, FKA Twigs) in a room, adding production whimsical music from Böhmer to Moose’s string arrangements, the result is a captivating collaborative EP, The appearances.

Together, the two reimagined selected tracks from Böhmer’s critically acclaimed second album, Restart (Anjunadeep, 2021), whose single “Home” ft. JONAH and “Slow Wave” ft. Gordon.

“I loved working with Ben and the featured vocalists on this project,” said Moose. “At first, we weren’t sure what form our collaboration would take, and almost like a lark, I tried to cut all the stems from the album and build the whole structure with only strings. To my delight, Ben liked this approach, and I delved into all the stems, studying fx artifacts and careful timings to try to translate electronic sounds to a body of strings without losing the work’s magical idiosyncrasies original. I hope the EP sounds familiar to fans of the album, but tugs their ears and hearts in unexpected directions..

The EP, released on January 28, is Moose’s first new music since the Copycat Killer EP with Phoebe Bridgers in 2020. Böhmer, who won the AIM (Association of Independent Music) award for best concert [Streamed] Act and has over 100 million streams, is currently on a world tour in support of his album.

The American songwriter asked Böhmer and Moose to create a playlist of his favorite songs. In an unexpected twist, Böhmer, the electronic producer, shared a list of his favorite classic songs, and Moose, the instrumentalist/songwriter, shared his favorite electronic songs. Read below to see what each artist had to say about these tracks below.

Fans can buy The appearances HERE.

Ben Bohmer’s favorite classical/acoustic tracks:

Martin Kohlstedt – “Gol”
Even since I saw Martin Kohlstedt in a small bar in Göttingen, Germany, my life has been accompanied by his music. The bar was completely silent when Martin played and ‘Gol’ was the track that really captivated everyone.

Patrick Watson – “The Lighthouse”
In ‘Lighthouse’, it’s as if Patrick Watson had composed a song for eternity. I love how he gave the arrangement such a dramatic twist. The shift from cinematic atmospheres to Mexican drama is legendary!

Pierre Gabriel – “Hero”
Reworking the David Bowie classic, Peter Gabriel creates an extraordinary arrangement, which I consider one of the inspirations for the release of “The Apparitions” with Rob Moose. Nice trail!

José Gonzalès – “Trivialities of the bike”
“Cycling Trivialities” is also a track filled with magic strings, guitars and vocal elements. The quiet atmosphere and lyrics have become a part of me over the past few years, and I’ve listened to them over and over.

Film Orchestra – “Dawn”
I really appreciate the simplicity of this composition and the heaviness of its general tone. It’s a great blend of organic strings and focused synthesized sounds. The song was a major inspiration for my track “Wall Of Stings”, and I actually kept sampling those exact chords.

Rob Moose’s Favorite Electronic Tracks / Electronic Artist Tracks:

Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders, London Symphony Orchestra – “Movement 6
I love how this movement starts with the same sparse 7-note figure from the beginning of the piece, evolves to include a beautifully expressive alto solo, then continues to climb and soar, far beyond expectation, down to a cathartic emotional outpouring of lyrical string writing. that somehow manages to feel totally contemporary.

Blake Mills – “Two”
It was such an amazing release from guitarist/producer extraordinaire, whom I’m lucky enough to count as a collaborator and good friend. The project grew out of studio sessions set aside to explore a synth guitar, and many of the sounds that occurred are impossible to replicate due to random elements and fleeting pedal chain decisions. The track is both austere and thoroughly emotional, and emerges and recedes unpredictably as if the listener had just encountered it on a radio dial for a few minutes before driving out of range.

Sufjan Stevens – “The Year of the Dog”
I chose it because of the role it played in my musical life. Sufjan was one of the first collaborators and I was able to arrange that for a string quartet for an album we made a few decades ago and then for my band, yMusic. It was orchestrated and choreographed by NY City Ballet, and for an originally obscure recording, it has lived an outsized life and still charms me every time.

Brian Eno – “1/1”
I know it’s an extremely ubiquitous choice, but I can’t help but say it’s an amazing piece of music. It’s so repetitive but the speed at which the phrases unfold is absolutely addictive, and when I start the track I never want it to end. The patience, tone and content all line up beautifully and, although I’ve never listened to it in an airport, I love ON the plane and it was a house staple in the first few weeks of its life. my son.

Isao Tomita – “Bergamo Suite, Claire de Lune, n° 3
I’ll never forget hearing this for the first time on vinyl in Jesse Harris’ apartment. To encounter a canonical classical work played with so much love and respect on monophonic synthesizers was a revelation for me. It’s a remarkable achievement and a perfect example of using technical mastery for the greater good.


  1. Home ft. JONAH (An Apparition)
  2. Slow Wave ft. Gordi (An appearance)
  3. Beyond Belief (one appearance)
  4. Clear ft. lau.ra (an appearance)

Photos courtesy of TCB Public Relations

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