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ZANESVILLE, Ohio (WJW) – Fans and supporters of the Ohio singer Nightbirde have raised nearly $ 400,000 to cover her cancer treatments.

The 30-year-old woman from Zanesville, whose real name is Jane Marczewski, wowed the judges on “America’s Got Talent” and won the Simon Cowell Gold Buzzer.

Marczewski was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017. It was the first of three recurrent cancer diagnoses. In 2019, doctors gave her 3-6 months to live.

Earlier this week, she pulled out of the talent show. She called playing on “AGT” a dream come true.

“Since hearing my hearing, my health has deteriorated and the fight against cancer demands all of my energy and attention. I am so sad to announce that I will not be able to continue this AGT season. Life doesn’t always give those who deserve a break, but we already knew that, ”Marczewski said on Tuesday.

The singer started a GoFundMe page in June to help cover medical costs with an initial goal of $ 30,000. On Friday afternoon, people donated over $ 394,000.

“We are convinced that the same cancer treatments as before will give the same amazing results, and I call on you again for help as they are not covered by my insurance,” she said. written on the page. “It pains me to ask for more money, but I ask like Moses did when he needed water, and he spoke to the rock; like the friend knocking on his neighbor’s door asking for bread in the night. Not because I am entitled to your help, but because I desperately need it.

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