American Song Contest semi-finals: Is Broderick Jones in the final? Kansas singer’s staging impresses fans

“American Song Contest” kicked off the second week of semi-finals on Monday night, and every artist, it’s safe to say, performed well. They were better than the auditions and that included Kansas’ Broderick Jones who sent the audience into a frenzy with his shrewd showmanship. He was the third act of the evening after Puerto Rico and North Carolina.

Other contestants this week include, – American Samoa – Tenelle – ‘Full Circle’, California – Sweet Taboo – ‘Keys to the Kingdom’, Connecticut – Michael Bolton – ‘Beautiful World’, Georgia – Stela Cole – ‘DIY’, Kansas – North Dakota – Chloe Fredericks – “Can’t Make You Love Me”, Puerto Rico – Christian Pagán – “Loko”, Tennessee – Tyler Braden – “Seventeen”, Texas – Grant Knoche – “Mr. Independent’, New York – Enisa – ‘Green Light’ (Wildcard entry) and North Carolina – John Morgan – ‘Right in the Middle’


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“#AmericanSongContest Act 3 – Semi 2 Kansas – Broderick Jones – ‘Tell me’ act was a little better but props for Q-bert vest which was good My score – 6,” one fan wrote . “KANSAS STAY THERE STAY THERE STAY THERE STAY #AmericanSongContest,” one fan wrote. “Kansas deserves to go to the #AmericanSongContest Finals,” one fan remarked. “Ooooh! #Kansas edge out #NorthCarolina for first place! Great performance already for Broderick! #AmericanSongContest,” one fan remarked.

“Song 3: Kansas. I was wondering how they were going to top the big moon for showmanship, but they did it spectacularly. This guy has a lot of charisma and the song is an understated bop. #AmericanSongContest,” said a tweet. . “Honestly, if a ballad were to pass, this fusion ballad/anthem track should pass, also a very nice Kansas #AmericanSongContest staging,” one comment read.

What do you think of Broderick Jones’ performance?

‘American Song Contest’ airs Mondays, at 8/7c on NBC. You can vote for your favorite performances on the NBC website, NBC app, and TikTok. You can also stream songs from your favorite artists on your favorite music streaming app.

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