American singer Pink Sweat$ finds success in “super positive” music

MANILA, Philippines — It’s not every day you get serenaded during an interview. That’s exactly what Pink Sweat$ did. He burst into his viral love song At Your Worst, which now has over 162 million views on YouTube, while answering questions about why he just wants his music to make you smile.

The American singer-songwriter, who found his happiness in R&B and songs steeped in love and soul (his other hits are Honesty, I Feel Good, 17), said in a chat virtual band before his Sept. 27 Manila gig: “I try to be mindful with a lot of the music I do. Sometimes I just have fun. But most of the time I want to send out a super positive, just happy message because it’s not every day you hear a lot of happy and uplifting vibes, you know… I want the listener, after having listened to the music, feeling refreshed, like the man, ‘It was beautiful.’ I like this.”

He is intentional about the mood and message of his songs, due to his own experience of music when he went through challenges in life.

According to Billboard, Pink Sweat$ decided to become a singer after a “near-death experience” with a rare condition called Achalasia that affected her esophagus.

“I always want to write uplifting music because when I was going through a lot of things in my life that I couldn’t control, like health issues or whatever, it was so hard to find positive music,” said Pink Sweat$ in a response to a question from the STAR.

“It was so hard to find things that made me feel good about my day or that gave me hope for my relationship, about love, about family, about all those things.

“I’m like, man, how can I make a change? I gotta be that change and start putting the energy out there for the next person that’s going through it. So many people have been messaging me on Honesty, At My Worst, like “I was going through this tough breakup, I was feeling really down, I don’t know if I’ll ever find love” and then they listen to these songs and they just trigger something in them, you know, l love will come when it wants, i just can’t give up and someone will love me at worst.

“It’s special to me because…you know what it’s like to be hungry?” The best thing you can do is feed someone else. You are a giver for the energy to return. You feed someone and all of a sudden someone comes along and brings you a whole meal. This is how the universe works.

The Philadelphia-born artist, whose real name is David Bowden, entered the music scene at 19 as a demo singer. Soon after, he found himself working at the famed Sigma Sounds studios where he made his debut as a songwriter. For seven years, it stayed behind the scenes before going solo in 2018.

Nonetheless, he considers himself a songwriter/producer first, and over the past year has collaborated with artists like Justin Bieber and John Legend, as well as K-pop artists like Seventeen, GOT7’s Bambam, Jeon Somi and more recently, P1Harmony. . He’s big in Korea with his album, Pink Planet, which went 5x platinum there. On Spotify, it averages more than nine million monthly listeners, with Quezon City as the Top 2 in its audience.

When he reflected on his journey so far, Pink Sweat$ still seemed overwhelmed with where he was now.

He shared, “It’s like 80% wrestling and the 20% is all you end up seeing. But the 20 percent is so great. It makes the whole struggle at 80% worth it.

“It was a very difficult journey trying to figure out where to go, where to be. Music is one of those things where you have to do the best quality possible and just wait. It’s a waiting game. You are just waiting for your shot, and just waiting for your turn and your opportunity.

“I’m super grateful that my opportunity came and I was prepared for it. It’s kind of lucky. But every time I think about it, I feel so grateful. Now I’m just in a happy place Life is beautiful I pray every night for people to experience and feel what I have (and) feel right now.

Based on his learnings in navigating the industry, his advice to those just starting out is, “No. 1. Get to know yourself, get to know who makes you smile, whatever kind of music, whatever your thing, whatever makes you smile, perfect it.

“No. 2. Never be afraid to say no. Sometimes, especially in entertainment, things go so fast and you say yes, yes, yes. But never be afraid to say no because sometimes no is more powerful I like giving that to people because it’s easy to say yes, it’s hard. Especially when you really want to do something, like, ‘man, I shouldn’t do that.’ Just say no.”

Amid his career’s upward trajectory, Pink Sweat$ said he never felt like he ever made it because “I don’t make music to do that. I make music because it’s something I really love.

“When I was like, oh I did it or I didn’t, it’s not really a good space to be. Where I come from, as a songwriter, it has always been music to me, it’s not about how many people will know my name All those things are fun, but to me I want to make music, and I can make a living, take care of our bills, our family and everything. I live life.

“Every creative person really wants to, deep down, just make music and be stress free. We want to impact people’s lives. But I appreciate people clapping but I really do it because music makes me happy. gives life. I don’t think I’ll be the same person if I don’t create music.

(Pink Sweat$ arrives in Manila on September 27, Tuesday, 8 p.m., at the New Frontier Theater. It’s her first time in the country, as part of an Asian tour supporting her debut album Pink Moon. For more details , contact concert organizer Live Nation Philippines at [email protected] or consult or its official social media accounts.)

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