Adam Lambert married? American singer Adam Lambert Boyfriend and his relationship explored


Adam Lambert married? American singer Adam Lambert Boyfriend and his relationship explored: It seems Todrick isn’t the only notable queer celebrity celebrating a new love, with the Grammy-nominated pop singer and American Idol Alum naming Adam Lambert who’s got himself a new man, he posted a recent photo to his Queen’s Instagram account, 39, and Velvet Crooner shared a super cute Snapchat. Follow more update on

Adam Lambert married?

The snap is with Oliver Gliese as they hung out in his new beau which happened over the weekend, Adam simply captioned that in the photo of the pair they look dapper as hell as they were in the back of a super chic Rolls Royce, according to the b Queerty, the couple have been spotted time and time again together in various romantic locations.

They have been traveling all over the world since November 2020, but this is the first time Adam has publicly acknowledged his relationship on social media with Oliver who works as the innovation forum coordinator for the global agenda. de la mode is a non-profit organization that promotes sustainability and fairness in the fashion industry.

Who is Adam Lambert’s boyfriend?

They look pretty cute together and fans feel quite happy to see them together and there were several tweets that were posted by fans as they saw them together and stated how happy they felt to be. see them together.

There isn’t much to the story at the moment, it seems these two have been dating for a while now but they never let anyone know about their relationship but eventually they posted their pic together on a public platform and we can bet it won’t be the last image we’re going to see.

If the couple comment on the attention they get after posting the photo, we’ll definitely let you know as soon as something goes under our radar.

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